You can get revaccinated in 20 locations

July 10

There are 20 revaccination locations in Moscow. Eight of them in the Healthy Moscow pavilions provide revaccination without an appointment. Another 12 points are located in the city polyclinics.

Revaccination is recommended to take place six months after the first component was injected. Citizens can choose any vaccine available at 20 revaccination points. Moscow additionally purchased a one-component Sputnik Light vaccine that is also suitable for revaccination, at the expense of the regional budget. Thus, as of today, two vaccines are available at the revaccination points — Sputnik V and Sputnik Ligh, and they are available in large quantities in the city. Once other vaccines are available, they will also be supplied to these points.

Revaccination will help provide additional body protection against new and more aggressive strains of the infection. After the improvement of the epidemiological situation with COVID-19, it is recommended to repeat vaccination once a year.

One can get revaccinated by appointment in 12 Moscow medical organizations:

- May 1 Factory polyclinic department of the city Kuznechiki hospital;

- polyclinic department No. 2 of the Konchalovsky city clinical hospital;

- city polyclinic No. 11 (branch No. 2);

- city polyclinic No. 12 (branch No. 5);

- city polyclinic No. 210 (branch No. 3);

- city polyclinic No. 220 (branch No. 3);

- city polyclinic No. 45 (branch No. 2);

- children's city polyclinic No. 10 (branch No. 3);

- children's city polyclinic No. 143 (branch No. 4);

- children's city polyclinic No. 150 (branch No. 2);

- children's city polyclinic No. 94;

- clinical and diagnostic center No. 4.

If the primary vaccination was carried out in city polyclinics or in Moscow Department of Health mobile teams locations, you will only need a passport and an MHI policy to be revaccinated. If the initial vaccination took place at other vaccination points (for example, federal or private medical organizations, in another region), you can get revaccinated only upon presentation of a vaccination certificate.

How to get revaccinated


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