World’s 100 Best Cities: Moscow ranks fourth

October 27
City administration

Moscow has climbed a place taking fourth position in the ranking of the World’s 100 Best Cities, overtaking Tokyo, Madrid, Rome, Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona and other megacities. The number one city to live, work, invest and visit is London, followed by New York and Paris.

“Our city has always been an international centre of culture and civilisation. As a result of comprehensive development programmes that we launched in the past few years, we have enhanced Moscow’s standing in all of the main spheres:  we have been able to strengthen its economy, increase the innovation potential and create a digital ecosystem for people and businesses. We have also created a new standard of the urban environment, according to which all city districts must have unique modern public spaces and infrastructure. We have been working consistently to achieve these goals within the framework of the My District programme initiated by the Mayor,” Deputy Mayor of Moscow Natalya Sergunina pointed out.

She added that the city’s systemic development was increasing its tourist appeal and creating new opportunities for the realisation of young people’s talents in science, the arts, business and other spheres.

“Last year, Moscow ranked among the top five of the Resonance Consultancy rating of the world’s 100 best performing cities. This year it has climbed a place getting to fourth position after London, New York and Paris. This high ranking is proof of Moscow’s status as one of the world’s best cities to live, do business and visit. The experts who compile the ranking analyse not only statistical data but also a city’s perception in the social media. For a second year running now, Moscow has been ranked among the top five megacities by the number of hashtag mentions on Instagram,” Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Yefimov noted.

Alexei Fursin, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, pointed out that Moscow had created a solid basis for developing modern technology and enhancing city comforts.

“In addition to this, comfortable conditions for doing business have been created in Moscow, offering jobs and a variety of vacancies to city residents and guest workers,” he added.

The World’s 100 Best Cities was first compiled by Resonance Consultancy in 2016 based on core statistics and the visitor perception metrics from the business community, industry professionals and tourists.

International experts mentioned Moscow’s leading positions in the Product category, in particular in infrastructure, including airport connectivity, attractions and museums. The Russian capital has also been ranked one of the world’s top three cities in the Place category, which is judged by the perceived quality of a city’s natural and built environment, as well as safety. It has also improved its ranking in the People category, moving from 143rd to12th place and taking the second place in the world by the number of residents with a higher education (educational attainment).

In addition to this, Moscow was ranked, alongside other cities, in the categories Prosperity (employment and corporate head offices), Programming (culture, restaurants and shopping) and Promotion (the quantity of stories, references and recommendations shared online).

Resonance Consultancy is among the leading advisors in tourism, real estate and economic development. The World’s 100 Best Cities is its rating of megacities with populations of more than a million judged according to their tourist appeal, living standards and conditions for doing business.


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