World ballet and Green Theatre opening: VDNKh's anniversary events

June 1

VDNKh has prepared an event programme dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Russian major exhibition on 1 August, with festivities to last until the end of the year.

''We are looking forward to festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and opening of historical pavilions, new cultural, educational and sports spaces after restoration. More than 100 festive events will take place before the end of the year," said Natalya Sergunina,  Deputy Moscow Mayor.

The festive programme includes favourite events of Moscow citizens like the Vdokhnoveniye (Inspiration) festival, the 'Knowledge. VDNKh' educational project, Brass Band Festival and Music on the Roof project. There are also premieres expected.

So, between 31 May and 2 June, the World Ballet Holidays festival will take place for the first time in Moscow to bring together about a thousand dancers from Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Japan and other countries. Visitors will enjoy spectacular gala concerts with famous Russian and foreign artists.

In addition, the Green Theatre is to open after renovation, with its first concert scheduled for June. Admission is free, but registration is required. During the season, the Green Theatre is to host more than 50 concerts.

From 5 to 21 July, VDNKh will host Vdokhnoveniye, the annual festival of arts. In the Year of Theatre, the actors will present performances of various formats and genres.

On 30 July, three Museum exhibitions will be launched, with two of them opened within the Resident project. It is about an exhibition prepared jointly with the Ulyanovsk Regional Art Museum, and a large-scale exhibition of photographs from VDNKh and Moscow museums' holdings. The third exhibition 'VDNKh in Popular Culture' will run in Pavilion No.67.

VDNKh will have its anniversary celebrated on 1-4 August. Moscow residents and tourists will enjoy a gala concert in its Central Alley, special concerts in the Green Theatre, a gourmet festival and fireworks.

A large-scale VDNKh renovation started in 2014. Experts were restoring renowned pavilions and making the VDNKh's grounds an attractive and comfortable site for leisure.

"By the end of 2013, 30% of VDNKh's facilities and lands was in private , with most of the pavilions actually turned into warehouses and retail outlets. Hard to believe now, the Cosmos Pavilion once offered seeds and seedlings for sale. And it was rather lucky for it, since it could be much worse. When this historical ensemble went back to Moscow, it did not look like a place for pleasant walks at all. But gradually, step by step, we have changed the situation: together with competent experts and restorers, VDNKh has regained its great history and status of the major Russian exhibition. Currently, it lives a very eventful life, with guided tours, lectures, film screenings, workshops, meet-the-artist events held. In winter, there is a skating rink and many other sites available to have a good time with family and friends," said Natalya Sergunina.

The major exhibition of Russia has about 30 million visitors every year. It has hosted more than 100 exhibitions and 350 congresses.

Covering 325 ha, it comprises Landscape Park, Crafts Park, Knowledge Park, VDNKh Expo, Museum City, Park of the Future and Ostankino Park. There are 49 cultural heritage sites, including historical pavilions and fountains in VDNKh.


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