Within five days, Muscovites collected more than 1.5 thousand kilograms of food for pet shelters

September 21
Social sector

Free To a Good Home action takes place on Tverskoy Boulevard from September 10 to 19. It is for those who want to find a new friend, a cat or a dog from a shelter, or want to help animals by providing the necessary things for their life in shelters. Muscovites bring food and toys, and also take the pets with them. For example, yesterday a cat named Gusya, a charge of the Urban Animal Protection Fund of the #Feed project, left for a new house.

"For those who are just thinking about taking a pet, a special zone is provided on Tverskoy Boulevard. There, guests can communicate or walk with animals from shelters and take a closer look at them. We have received a lot of positive feedback from Muscovites, who also prove their personal involvement with their deeds. Within just five days, more than 1.5 thousand kilograms of food were collected: 1,283 kilograms for dogs and 290 for cats" was told in the organizing committee of the Free to a Good Home action.

The action was supported by famous actors, bloggers, designers, TV presenters and athletes. They report about the event on their social media pages and come to the site to communicate personally with the animals and their curators.

Specialists and volunteers tell guests about zoopsychology, raising pets and caring for them. The lecture hall is open to everyone from 15: 00 to 19:00 on weekdays, from 12:00 to 19: 00 on weekends.

You can also come to the playground with your own pets. There is a grooming area for them, where dogs and cats can have their claws trimmed, their ears cleaned or have their styled. In addition, the owners can check the health of their four-legged friends in a special car of the Moscow Veterinary Committee. Here, specialists conduct a clinical examination and do an ultrasound investigation, advise on how to properly keep and feed animals. At the request of the owners, they will also vaccinate their pets against rabies.

Free to a Good Home: Moscow Residents Invited to Sheltered Animals Support Campaign

You can also support funds of homeless animals help via the charity service. To do this, select the program of interest in the funds section, then specify the donation amount and click the Help button. The service is also available in the My Moscow city mobile application.

The charity service was created on mos.ru in October 2020 by the Moscow Department of Information Technologies jointly with the Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy. With its help, Muscovites can provide targeted assistance to seriously ill children and adults, people with health problems, the poor and those who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Source: mos.ru

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