Winter beauty and warm atmosphere: foreign media and bloggers tell about Journey to Christmas festival

January 15
Tourism and travels

Annually, Journey to Christmas gathers a lot of tourists and turns heads of foreign media and topping bloggers. This winter, it impressed foreign visitors so much that Moscow has been shortlisted as one of the best in the European Christmas rankings and was favoured a plenty of glowing reviews.

So, Deutsche Welle’s article extensively highlights Christmas markets running in the Russian capital. The author puts them on a par with the markets of Berlin, Vienna, London and other European cities. Australian Vogue has expanded the geography of Christmas markets even more. The magazine's TOP includes 18 cities, with Moscow ranking third.

California portal Talesbuzz mentioned Moscow as one of the best places to watch fireworks in its TOP 15 tourist destinations for the New Year's celebration. The Telegraph (Great Britain) and The New Times newspaper (Rwanda) describe in bright colours cozy Christmas atmosphere of Moscow and its striking beauty in winter.

Moscow delighted foreign photographers and travel bloggers, too.

'After a few days spent in Moscow, we like it even more, with its architecture, culture, cuisine, and people. New Year's atmosphere in Moscow was very warm! Red Square and neighbouring streets are decorated with all sorts of light installations and crowded with visitors to the festival,' said Hu Hongliang and Lin Hongdae running the Kelvin and David's Travel Image blog (5.4 million subscribers) in Weibo, one of the largest Chinese social networks.

Their colleagues, authors of the blog Susu and Tuotuo Travel (one million subscribers), Lee Dou and Gao Yanli, were most of all impressed by the actors dressed as space explorers welcoming people in Tverskaya Street. 'They cheerfully welcome visitors and wish a Happy New Year,' Beijing bloggers shared their impressions.

Back home, Gao Yanli appeared on the Chinese national radio show 'Beijing Entertainment Guide'. He told about the magnitude of the Christmas festival in Moscow, transport accessibility, beautiful metro and good cuisine.

Guests from Europe liked the festival, too. Altug Galip from Cyprus running Fantastic Earth blog (3.1 million subscribers) in Instagram, declared Journey to Christmas the best festival of Moscow Seasons. He told his readers about 'sparkling lights, magnificent ice ballets, theatrical performances and great concerts’.

Blogger Natasa Vukobratovic from Italy (131,000 subscribers) wrote: 'Moscow is definitely a must to visit!' Petar Spasojevic (93,000 subscribers) named Moscow the most beautiful city to spend winter holidays.



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