Who created the matryoshka doll and where Pushkin laid upon the bachelor party: new videos about Moscow appear on Russpass

June 20

What matryoshka doll did in Paris, how Gorky Park looked like in the 1920s, and from where the Olivier salad came. You can learn about this and much more by watching the new videos of the digital travel service Ruspass.

Animated collage videos will tell you about the attractions, architecture, history and culture of Moscow. On average, they last for two and a half minutes. The videos were created in a unique author's style in the suprematism style. The materials were prepared with the participation of journalist, TV and radio host Vladimir Rayevsky.

Nine videos in Russian have already been published in the Ruspass Mag online magazine and on the Discover Moscow YouTube channel.  For foreign users, there are English subtitles. Five of the nine videos are based on the video content of the Moscow Metro, previously they could be seen in the framework of the Hello, Moscow project on the screens in the trains.

One of the plots is based on the history of Gorky Park development. Users will find out what was on the territory of the current recreation area at the beginning of the 20th century. We will talk about how the townspeople rested in the park a hundred years ago and who came up with the idea to install a parachute tower there.

Another video is dedicated to the Moscow Art Theater foundation (now the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater).  The audience will learn why the actor Konstantin Alekseev became Konstantin Stanislavsky and decided to reform the theater, as well as how and with whose help he managed to do it.

There is also a story about one of the unofficial symbols of Russia - the matryoshka doll, which can be seen in almost every souvenir shop. Few people know, but the traditional Russian doll appeared only at the end of the 19th century thanks to the painter Sergei Malyutin. The video will show what the first toy looked like, where exactly in Moscow it was designed and how it was exposed in Paris.

Among the animated novelties of the service is a video about how Alexander Pushkin celebrated a bachelor party on the eve of the wedding. It turns out that the fun took place in the house where the poet later lived with his young wife. By the way, now there is a memorial apartment of Alexander Pushkin on the Arbat.

In addition, with the help of a collection on Ruspass, you can learn how Moscow became a trendsetter in international architecture, and see the main landmarks of VDNKh. For users, there are many stories in reserve: about the Russian salad history, about the evolution of parties in Moscow from the 12th century to the present day and about the first public transport in the city.

Walking with stars, extreme tours and travel constructor: the Russpass service latest ideas review All Russia’s regions joined the Russpass travel service

Ruspass is a digital travel service for planning trips and exploring the sights of Russia. Here you can buy railway and air tickets, book a hotel, restaurant and much more. It allows you to create an individual route to the selected locations in a few clicks or use a ready-made offer.

All regions of the country have signed cooperation agreements with the service, and 76 of them have already presented tourist programs. During the nine months of Ruspass operation, more than a million users turned to its services.

The service was developed on the initiative of the Moscow Government. The project is supervised by the City Committee for Tourism together with the Moscow Department of Information Technologies.

Source: mos.ru

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