White walls and wooden floor: Narkomfin House's Laundry has its historical appearance restored back

October 4, 2019
Construction and renovation

Restoration of the Laundry of People's Commissariat of Finance (Narkomfin) on Novinsky Boulevard has been completed. The building has gained back its original look.

'Over the past decades, the building has been in disrepair: it saw neither maintenance nor heating. So, the Laundry was in a critical condition. Specialists have reconstructed the three-dimensional building's structure of the 1932 version, designed by Moses Ginzburg and Ignatius Milinis, recreated the colour scheme of plaster-finished facades, restored the materials and methods of the surface treatment of the external staircase as of 1932, a lean-to low-slope seam roofing and an open terrace within the colonnade,’ Head of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Department Alexei Yemelyanov said.

Restoration work has taken more than a year. Since 2018, experts have been reinforcing the supporting structures of the building. During the work, the later additions have been dismantled, with the original  front facade and open terrace entrances reconstructed.

Specialists have also recreated the staircase, wooden gliding windows, doors and flooring on the first floor, set metal handles and latches. Cafes and public spaces are to open here soon.

The Narkomfin House is a constructivism monument with a rich history. It is located at 25/1 Novinsky Boulevard. The building was erected in 1930 for employees of the People's Commissariat of Finance of the USSR to implement innovative design concepts. The first in Russia residential building had reinforced concrete frame. Previously, this design was used only in administrative buildings, the Central Telegraph in Tverskaya Street, the Izvestia Printing House on Strastnaya Square and Gostorg and Tsentrosoyuz in Myasnitskaya Street.

Today, the Narkomfin House is a part of the ensemble of the experimental residential complex.

'2011 through 2019, 28 built or restored sites were commissioned, including the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812, the multifunctional complex in Oruzheiny Pereulok, the building of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, the new stage of Vakhtangov Theatre and other facilities,' said Sergei Lyovkin, Head of the Moscow Department of Urban Development.

This year, two more facilities have been put into operation, namely a complex of buildings of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and surface and underground parking space on the grounds of the Moscow City International Business Centre.

Source: mos.ru

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