Where to watch magnificent New Year fireworks

December 29, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

Over 50,000 New Year fireworks will be launched in 20 parks of the Department of Culture on 1 January.

'The show will start at 01:00 am, the time when the New Year comes throughout Russia. For five minutes, red, blue, green, gold and silver lights will be shooting into the night sky,’ the Press Service of Mosgorpark told.

The brightest pyrotechnic show will take place in Tagansky Park, with more than 7,500 fireworks. Guests will see golden peonies, mums, sparkling spheres, fans, comets and flower bouquets in the sky. Besides, Izmailovsky Park will offer unique light show, with some 7,000 fireworks launched in the shape of peonies and palm branches.

Guests are in for beautiful fireworks in other parks, too, including Bauman Garden, Hermitage Garden, recreation area of Krasnogvardeyskie Ponds, Lilac Garden and Vorontsovo Estate. You will see gold and silver waves, crowns and sakura blossoms.

Moscow parks to launch fireworks on the New Year's night:

— Tagansky Park (outdoor exercisers grounds);

— Izmailovsky Park (Round Pond Island);

— Hermitage Garden (lawn to the left of the central entrance);

— Bauman Garden (next to the tennis court);

— Gorky Park (water area of the Moskva River, between Pushkinskaya and Frunzenskaya embankments);

— Park Pobedy (intersection of Pamyati and Partizan alleys);

— Sokolniki Park (Hyde Park's grounds);

— recreation area of Krasnogvardeyskie Ponds (Lower Krasnogvardeysky Pond);

— Kuzminki Park (next to Industrial Culture Museum);

— Sadovniki Park (Fontannaya Square);

— Lilac Garden (central part of the garden);

— 50-Letiya Oktyabrya Park (near the Co-working Pavilion);

— Babushkinsky Park (lawn next to the rink);

— Vorontsovsky Park (near the central glade of the Park, behind the flag group);

— Nothern Tushino Park (site at the race track);

— Lianozovsky Park (lawn between the Lower Lianozovsky Pond and the Castle playground);

— Goncharovsky Park (glade between the stage and the chess site);

— Mitino Landscape Park (near the water tower);

— Perovsky Park (lawn in front of Kupavensky Pond);

— Khodynskoye Pole Park (lawn in front of the central promenade, entrance from the shopping centre's side).

Moreover, spectacular pyrotechnic shows are expected at 13 venues throughout Moscow. You will see the first fireworks on Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge at midnight on 31 December. At all other sites, fireworks will be launched at the same time as in the Moscow parks, at 01:00 am on 1 January.

Sites to watch fireworks:

— Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge;

— Partizan Alley on Poklonnaya Gora;

— 18 Fedosyino Street (on the pond's bank);

— 1 Khodynsky Boulevard;

— VDNKh's grounds, Michurinsky Garden;

— 1 Dezhnyova Proyezd;

— Bauman Town;

— water area of the Moskva River (opposite 41A Guryanova Street);

— Kadyrova Street;

— 5 Roslovka Street;

— 4/2 Ozyornaya Alley;

— Fizicheskaya Street (near the Fire Station No. 42);

— 19 Tsentralnaya Square (in front of Moskovsky Culture Centre).

On New Year's night, Tverskaya Street invites Muscovites and guests to watch street performances, view 100 unique art objects, enjoy pop concerts and high-line shows, attend robotics master classes and join intellectual games.

Besides, the Moscow centre, other districts, and parks will offer discos, street performances, interactive programs on ice rinks and meetings with Father Frost and Snow Maiden. The celebration will last until 03:00 am 1 January.

Celebrate the new year 2020 at Journey to Christmas venues located throughout the city. Novy Arbat Street, 10:00 pm on 31 December till 03:00 am on 1 January, will host live concerts of popular Moscow bands, DJ sets and meetings with Father Frost. Enjoy a big festive program with a New Year's disco on Manezhnaya Square.

Celebration at VDNKh covering several sites at once will last from 09:00 pm till 03:00 am, with the ice rink as a key venue offering entertaining program with dancing, games and competitions held to live performances of music bands. Big Christmas market will be open at Promyshlennosti Square, with a festive concert featuring pop stars held at the central entrance arch 09:00 pm till 11:00 pm on 31 December.

Source: mos.ru

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