Where to take strolls: Park crowding map posted on mos.ru

June 3
Parks and pedestrian areas

A park crowding map posted on mos.ru will help people plan their strolls bearing in mind the social distancing requirement.

“Parks and other recreation areas are colour coded depending on their availability and crowding to prevent overcrowding and to help people observe  social distancing. It’s the job of the park administration to report the number of people using them at any given moment, so that entry can be limited if and when necessary. This information will be available in real time so that people can plan their strolls in compliance with sanitary requirements,” Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Information Technology Department Eduard Lysenko explained.

In accordance with the colour coding system, green means that a park is open and there are few visitors in it, while yellow indicates that it is difficult to keep social distancing so that people contemplating a visit to this particular park can choose other areas.

Red indicates a very high risk of violating social distancing rules. The park’s administration can decide to temporarily close it, and information about this will immediately show up on the map.

Between 9 pm and 9 am, when parks are closed, they will be automatically tinted red. The areas where people can do morning exercises will be orange coloured.

The service also includes a walking schedule for each residential block and the recommended 2 kilometre walking area. This information is also available on YandexMaps.

People can also learn about park crowding on the My Moscow app by choosing the Walks service and entering their address to see the schedule. After that, they should press the Nearby Park button to see a map with all the parks and landscaped areas and their crowding status.

Moscow parks and landscaped areas reopened on 1 June. People can now walk and take exercise outdoors, but there are certain restrictions. To reduce the risk of infection, a walking schedule has been approved for each residential block. People are permitted to take outdoor exercise every morning until 9 am, while strolls are allowed between 9 am and 9 pm three times a week (twice on workdays and once at the weekend). Wearing masks or respirators is obligatory.

Source: mos.ru

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