Where Chekhov lived and Gilyarovsky stayed: restoration of an old mansion in Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street starts

June 13

In the Anton Chekhov Memorial House, the restoration has begun. The mansion is located at the address: 6/2 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street. In this house, the writer was living with his family for four years (from 1886 to 1890). Here he wrote many of his works, such as The Wood Demon, The Bear, Ivanov plays, The Steppe, The Lights and others stories.

“The restoration is planned to be completed by the end of this year. After the restoration, the museum will resume its work in the house, and a small chamber theater will appear on the first floor. The facade of the building will be decorated with architectural and artistic lighting,” Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, said.

The building has the status of a cultural heritage site of federal significance and is under State protection. All works are carried out under the supervision of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow.

“An elegant house-drawer chest in Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street is well known to many citizens. First of all, thanks to the fact that the writer Anton P. Chekhov lived here. Despite the fact that the house is relatively small, it stands out from other buildings located in the neighborhood. It is distinguished by its bright red color and unusual architecture: the facades are decorated with bay windows, risalits and other decorative elements,” Aleksey Emelyanov, Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow, said.

During the work, specialists will restore the facades of the mansion, put in order the cornices and architraves on the windows and doors. Special attention will be paid to the restoration of the basement and the porch made of white stone. In addition, in the building, drainpipes, tides on the windows will be replaced, and roof will be repaired.

The works will be carried out not only outside, but also inside the memorial house. In particular, on the ground and first floors, oak parquet, old stoves, profiled cornices will be restored. Experts will recreate the wallpaper based on Chekhov’s drawings, which the writer made in 1889, will put in order the doorways, as well as the front white stone staircase on the ground floor.

The mansion with two wings was built by the architect Vasily Afanasyev in 1874 by order of Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Rostovtsev. A year later, the house was purchased by a well-known Moscow doctor Yakov Korneev, assistant inspector of Moscow University . He settled in the central building, and rented out two side wings for 650 rubles a year.

The wing in which the Chekhov family lived is a two-story stone building (6/2 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street). It is built in the tent style and decorated with bay windows (part of the room protruding from the facade plane, partially or completely glazed). For the unusual layout with risalits (the part of the building that protrudes beyond the main line of the facade in its entire height) and the bright red color, Chekhov called this house a drawer chest. In a two-story wing, the writer lived with his mother, sister Maria and brother Mikhail. His rooms — an office and a bedroom — were located on the ground floor and faced Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street.

In this house Chekhov wrote, here he continued his medical practice, received patients almost daily. Being a hospitable person, the writer liked to gather a large number of friends around him. The mansion was often visited by writers and actors like Vladimir Korolenko, Dmitry Grigorovich, Alexey Pleshcheev, Vladimir Gilyarovsky and many others.

The museum in this building was opened in 1954, when the 50th anniversary of the writer’s death was celebrated. The exhibition presents documents and materials from the personal archive of Anton P. Chekhov and his family. In most of the rooms, the historical interiors were restored according to the drawings of Mikhail and Maria Chekhov. Now the writer’s house is part of the State Museum of the History of Russian Literature named after V. I. Dal.

Source: mos.ru

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