When in 2022 it will be possible to park for free on the streets of Moscow

January 5

In the New Year, street parking in Moscow will be free for 69 days. Surface parking lots with gate arm these days will be paid at current fees.

You can park free during public holidays on all streets, even in the very centre of Moscow. In 2022, there will be 20 such days - from 1 to 8 January, 23 February, 7 and 8 March, 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10 May, 12 and 13 June, 4 and 5 November.

During 49 Sundays, the parking will be paid only for the streets with higher parking fees - 380 and 450 rubles per hour.

For all questions related to parking, please call the number: 3210 (from mobile) or +7 495 539-54-54 (from any phone).

How parking lots are arranged in Moscow

Source: mos.ru

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