Welcome to space: New Year festivities to take place 31 December till 5 January in Moscow

December 13, 2019

Festivities are to last six days. This is twice as much as in previous years when people celebrated New Year in Tverskaya Street for three days only. 31 December till 5 January, Muscovites and city guests will enjoy two space-themed programs: 'Moscow. Dreaming of Space' (31 December till 2 January) and 'Moscow. Time of the First' (3-5 January).

'We have chosen space as the subject for a reason, as the first year of the third decade of the 21st century is marked by a number of significant anniversaries in the history of space exploration. In 2020, we will celebrate the 55th anniversary of the first space walk, the 60th anniversary of the legendary Mission Control Centre, and the Cosmonaut Training Centre. And since the annual New Year's program in Tverskaya is very popular with Muscovites and tourists, we have decided to make it last six days,' said Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk.

Entertaining program: street theatres, dreaming of space and jazz

There will be three festive venues arranged in the centre of Moscow. The first of them, 'Dreaming of Earth and Sky. 1920–1930s', will be located between 9 and 13 Tverskaya Street. You will find the second one called 'Conquest. 1950–1960s' between 1 and 7 Tverskaya Street. Okhotny Ryad and Mokhovaya Street will have the site 'Space Mission. 1970-1980s'.

Four stages will host performances to cover a variety of musical genres. Classical music lovers will enjoy pieces played by the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Yatskevich and ballet performances by Andris Liepa Production Centre. Enjoy energetic jazz pieces popular in the 1930s, and popular Soviet hits. You will hear Dagamba (Latvia), Uma2rman, Inna Malikova and New Samotsvety and many others.

Also, visitors will watch street performances by 'Golden Mask in the City' project. The best street theatres from Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy will perform at the festive venues in Tverskaya Street. Fioki, huge cosmic fluffy creatures the actors of Ditrim Art Association are to turn into, will tell about their interstellar travels. Mimokrokodil street theatre (St. Petersburg) will tell the story of crashed aliens trying to repair their spacecraft to make contact with earthlings. Montgolfiers Theatre (Italy) is to arrange a stilt parade with balloons. Stelzen Art Theatre actors (Germany) will feature star princes, intergalactic fairies and moon inhabitants.

Learn more about the Universe and space exploration in the Planetarium lecture hall. Test your knowledge, take part in the intellectual games 'What? Where? When?' and BrainZona.

Robotics workshop invites to assemble and program robots. Young festival guests are welcome to join in building a large spaceport of wooden magnetic blocks.

Enjoy festive foods cooked by eight Moscow restaurateurs, including a variety of space menu meals such as Galaxy pilaf, Gagarin Apple Pie, Big Dipper potato flapjacks, arancini, Martian red burger and Fifth Element shish kebab.

Sports program: highline, swing and snowboarding

There will be six large sports facilities in the city centre, including highline and a bike show ground, a snowboarding and tubing run, swing for gymnasts to show acrobatics, children's snowboard park and 'city spot', a unique structure for urban snowboarding, including slides and jibbing rails.

Best New Year party

Come to Tverskaya Street on New Year's eve to enjoy street performances, 100 unique art objects, pop star shows, highline shows, robotics master classes and intellectual games. Besides, the city centre, districts and parks will offer discos, street performances, interactive ice rink programs and meetings with Father Frost and Snow Maiden. The celebration will last until 03:00 am 1 January.

Also, you can see in the New Year 2020 at Journey to Christmas venues arranged throughout Moscow. In Novy Arbat Street, 10:00 pm 31 December till 03:00 am 1 January, enjoy live shows by popular Moscow bands, listen to DJ sets and meet with Father Frost. Manezhnaya Square will offer a big festive program with a New Year disco party. Festivities at VDNKh will take place 09:00 pm till 03:00 am to cover several exhibition grounds, with VDNKh's ice rink as the major venue. You are in for an entertainment program, including dances, games and competitions to live music band performances. Promyshlennosti Square will open a large Christmas fair. 09:00 pm till 11:00 pm 31 December, enjoy a festive concert with popular artists taking part.

Source: mos.ru

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