Wedding at the theatre, oceanarium and stadium: unusual locations to register your marriage in Moscow

July 8
Social sector

Over 850 Moscow couples got married on new sites available for marriage registration that opened on 4 May. Spartak Stadium, Spiridonov Mansion in Maly Gnezdnikovsky Pereulok, a restaurant on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and the Federation Tower of the Moscow City Business Centre with panoramic views of Moscow have become the most popular locations among newlyweds.

Besides, art lovers could get married in the School of Modern Drama Theatre, nature lovers were allowed to marry against the background of an aquarium with killer whales in the Moskvarium, and romantic couples married on the observation deck of the Ostankino TV Tower or under the big dome of the starry sky in the Moscow Planetarium.


"Wedding ceremonies in historical buildings, on century-old sites or in special, cherished places are very inspiring and delightful for the newlyweds. During celebrations, lovers look very happy, and their wedding photos are unusual and bright. For the months upcoming, couples have already filed more than 2,000 applications for marriage registration in new urban locations," said Head of the Moscow Civil Registry Yelena Yefremova.

According to her, due to the growing popularity of this service, the list of unusual wedding venues is constantly updating. It already includes the estate of industrialist Knoop in Kolpachny Pereulok, the merchants Gusyatnikovs' House in Aleksandra Solzhenitsyna Street and a mansion in the centre of Moscow located at 26 Tverskoi Boulevard. You may apply for marriage registration at these venues at Babushkinsky,  Perovsky and Tsaritsynsky civil registry offices.

Moscow has now 23 new sites for marriage registration opened. Since all of them are located in existing cultural institutions, stadiums and other public places, the wedding celebrations are held in their free time. The list is regularly updated taking into account suggestions of Muscovites.

The first wedding ceremonies at the new venues took place this year on the eve of Krasnaya Gorka festival (4 May). A special programme has been prepared for the newlyweds. In particular, Spartak Stadium offered brides and grooms to participate in keepy-uppie competitions, watch cheerleader performances and Zabivaka the Wolf, a symbol of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

In Moskvarium, newlyweds viewed a fancy-dress show 'Marine Life Parade', and  planetarium offered a ceremony staged on the background of the themed decorations with images of aliens, spaceships and the Solar system planets. On the opening day, 150 couples got married at the new venues.

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