Walks and an open-air museum: what Shkolnaya Street to look like after the improvement

May 24

Improvement and landscaping of Shkolnaya Street located in Tagansky district of Moscow is underway. In autumn, after the work is completed, it will be pedestrianised.

Improvement and landscaping area covers 6 ha comprising parts of Bolshaya and Malaya Andronyevskaya streets crossing Shkolnaya Street, and a public garden at the entrance to the Ploshchad Illyicha metro station. The traffic will not be blocked off during the improvement activates, the street will remain passable.

Shkolnaya Street is less than 1 km long. It emerged in the former Rogozhskaya Sloboda in the late 16th — early 17th century, during the reign of Boris Godunov. It was then called Telezhnaya Street, later renamed 1st Rogozhskaya Street before it acquired its present name in 1923.

"In contrast to the neighbouring streets, Shkolnaya Street has almost completely preserved its historical appearance, which was taken into account in the improvement project. So, the pavement near building walls and passages to the courtyards dating back to the 19th century will be museumified: its fragments will become part of the renovated look of this ancient street. Once improved, this walking street is supposed to host various city events — seasonal fairs, concerts, and festivals," the Press Service of the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs reported.


The work started with the construction site arrangement. A special fence with warning lights clearly visible in the dark has been installed on the site. Temporary warning road signs have been mounted, and a pedestrian bypass has been arranged.

Currently, experts are driving underground cable tunnels to hide overhead wires and removing the old pavement. The historical stone blocks survived will be temporarily disassembled and stored on pallets.

The street will be paved with granite tiles. Facades of old low-rise buildings will be repaired, with benches, trash bins and pergolas arranged. For pleasant and safe walks, 150 antiqued street lights are to be installed.

Comprehensive landscaping will complete the improvement works. The street will have 11,000 sq m of lawn laid and more than 20 trees planted.

There are some streets in the centre of Moscow with historical paving. You may walk along the old pavement on Pushechnaya Street, near the building of the Central Children's Store. During its improvement in 2016, old clinker pavement dating back to the late 19th century was revealed. About 3,000 sq m of historical pavement has been renovated near Barrikadnaya metro station. It covered the roadway from 2/1 bldg. 11 Barrikadnaya Street to the intersection with Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street and part of Kudrinskaya Square near the skyscraper. In addition, there is a historical pavement preserved in the area of Tverskaya Zastava Square, Sretenka, Petrovka and Zemlyanoi Val streets.

Source: mos.ru

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