Walking with stars, extreme tours and travel constructor: the Russpass service latest ideas review

April 4
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In anticipation of the spring tourist season the Russpass digital service prepared updates. New ready-made tour programs and individual journeys are now available. Besides, creating complex itinerary trips, including cross-regional ones, is now available. Learn more about all the latest ideas from the mos.ru article.

Family routes and exclusive extreme tours

At the moment the service contains more than 1.5 thousand offers for tourists. They include exclusive itinerary trips around Moscow and other Russian cities, as well as ready-made tours across regions to last from one to eleven days. They are always updated according to the season.

Thus, a three-day tour across the Komi Republic, called Vitamin Ӧ, appeared among ready-made offers. One will learn more about national cultural features of the region on this tour. Travelers will visit a Finno-Ugric ethnic park and find out about the indigenous inhabitants’ everyday life.

The tour is arranged in such a way that visitors can learn about the Finno-Ugrians’ history and their hunting traditions, enjoy the scenic landscapes around there, take part in various games and master classes. And taste meals of local cuisine too.

A trip to Kazan will be an amazing spring travel option. Russpass offers its users theKazan day by day tour. Tour package includes excursions to the Virgin Monastery of Raifa and the Kazan Kremlin, visits to the Temple of All Religions, parks and museums. You can join the itinerary trip at any stage and tour’s duration is from two to seven days.

Those who adore climbing mountains will certainly like new ideas for traveling in the North Caucasus. Russpass offers over 20 scenarios of travelling across the Republic of Adygea — both ready-made tour programs and visits to individual landmarks and museums. Tourists who choose the route acrossKabardino-Balkaria will be able to see Mount Elbrus andclimb it too. Besides, the program includes a trip to lakes, visiting castles, walking through vineyards and surely local wine tasting.

You should see Sulak Canyon in Dagestan. The tour program of this region also contains a magnificent barkhan, a fortress, a castle, the oldest mosque of Russia and other exciting landmarks. There are more exotic locations for experienced travelers. For example, you can visit the volcanoes of Kamchatka, Sakhalin region islands, and take part in rafting down, for instance, the Ai river in Bashkortostan.


The four elements of art, the creative walk around Moscow, is an example of the Russpass exclusive itineraries. This is a one day tour. The participants will see the famous contemporaries’ portraits by Alexander Shilov and be inspired by masterpieces of photographic art. The program includes visiting the Scriabin Memorial Museum, the Alexander Shilov Gallery, the Multimedia Art Museum and the Ivan Turgenev House Museum on Ostozhenka Street.

Users can also create their own trip plan. This option is convenient, because one can organize a trip according to the personal preferences. On Russpass you can find a region you want to visit and create your route from the offered options.

Complex route constructor and scenarios for car travelers

Recently a function of creating complex multimodal itinerary trips appeared on Russpass. It features one request where you can combine air, rail and land types of transportation.

Users do not need several resources to plan an itinerary trip and search for tickets on their own — instead the travel constructor will do the job taking into account the distance between points of arrival and departure. It will calculate length of transfer and baggage transportation and consider other subtleties related to arranging a pleasant trip. You only need to enter arrival and departure locations, travel dates, and the travel constructor will offer options for the most convenient way of getting there, for instance, by train, by plane or by bus.

Russpass meets many users’ demands. For example, there is a Road Trips section for those who prefer traveling by car. It contains over 90 trip scenarios around Russian cities with departure from Moscow. A trip can last from one to six days.

For instance, historical architecture lovers and parents with children will admire a car route called Film town and the old monastery. The first day of trip is reserved for visiting the former film set recreating the atmosphere of the 18th century European town. Then everybody will explore the estate, where Mikhail Lermontov used to live. A trip to New Jerusalem is planned for the second day.

If you wish to go on a gastronomic tour around the Moscow region, choose Echoes of France in the cozy life of Moscow suburbs route. Travelers will walk through the historic streets of Kolomna town and Zaraysk town, taste farmer cheese and snails and attend a cooking master class.

Thematic routs and star walks

Thematic routs appear on Russpass on a regular basis. Thus, a program History of the Great Victories dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day, was prepared. The route will suit those interested in history as well as in military equipment. The intense program will guide travelers through the patriotic park, make them feel the atmosphere of the Great Patriotic War in the modern multimedia museum and travel over two centuries back when Moscow was occupied by Napoleon's army.

For International Women's Day, Russpass compiled an itinerary trip to spend weekend in the company of friends, called City girls. The walking tour suits perfectly for a fun bachelorette party. The program includes the Crafts Park at VDNKh, the Pharmaceutical Garden, Zaryadye Park, a riverboat trip and surely dinner.

Such offers appear for the holidays, as well as for other memorable occasions. For example, this year the Golden Ring of Russia tourist route turned 50 years of age. Russpass created a special project My Golden Ring to honor the event. It contains over 30 tours, independent routs and trip ideas, along with sets of interesting facts and advice for travelers. Some will like kitesurfing and wakeboarding in Pereslavl-Zalessky town, others will enjoy Instagram sunsets of Suzdal, somebody else will appreciate restaurants of Vladimir or the railway station in Ivanovo that seems to have left the Edward Hopper’s paintings.

Фото Д. Гришкина. Пресс-служба Мэра и Правительства Москвы

Beside the extreme routes, individual tours and road trips, the Star Walksproject containing celebrities’ favorite itineraries appeared in the digital tourist service. Actors, poets, TV hosts, and sportsmen speak about capital’s streets they like to walk along and share their fascinating life stories. Many sports, movie, and pop stars, such as Polina Gagarina, Nikolay Baskov, Natalia Bestemyanova, Nikolay Drozdov, Oleg Gazmanov, Margarita Mamun, Leonid Yarmolnik, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Igor Ugolnikov, Mikhail Turetsky and many others participated in the project.

Eighteen star episodes in total will be released on the portal, appearing on a weekly basis. At the moment, twelve videos are available for watching. So, you can walk around Zaryadye Park with Nikolay Baskov, along Tverskaya Street with Olympic figure skating champion Natalia Bestemyanova, along Sretenka street and its surroundings with a theater and movie actor Leonid Yarmolnik.

Other features of the service

Russpass becomes both more informative and user-friendly. Recently, an interactive map of Russia with landmarks, museums, theaters and restaurants was launched. You can choose interesting locations on it and add them to your route. All cities, territories and regions of Russia, that you can explore, are presented on the map. You can enter age category of a traveler, choose a specific section or a sphere of interest.

Among other service functions is an opportunity to book a hotel and a table at a restaurant. Besides, you can buy plane or train tickets or refund your Troika transport card. You can do it without registration on the website, making use of bank card or mobile phone account.

Once introduction of authorization via social media was introduced, using the service turned to be more convenient. Tourists will be able to log in with their accounts on VK, Facebook, Gmail, Yandex.Mail, or through their mos.ru account.

Six-month service operation (from July to January 2020) saw more than 700 thousand users applying for Russpass services. Today, all regions of Russia signed Cooperation Agreements with the service, almost 70 of them submitted their travel programs. At the moment, the service has more than 380 partners. All itineraries are available in Russian and in English.

The service was initiated by the Moscow Government. The project implementation is supervised by the Moscow Committee for Tourism jointly with the Department of Information Technologies.

Source: mos.ru

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