Walking along an Air Trail and Visiting cartoon characters: Russpass service Opens a Kids’ Route

August 18
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The Russpass digital travel service has launched an educational and entertaining route for family walks in Moscow called Adventures in the Big City. It comprises nine sites where one can have fun and good time with kids. The kids will find out where killer whales live, will see a lot of cartoon characters and can do them.

Entertainment activities on most sites are paid. We recommend finding out about the cost of tickets in advance on Russpass or shows’ websites. During a visit, one must comply with the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare anti-COVID-19 requirements. When indoors, one should wear masks and maintain social distancing.

The route in Moscow is divided into three themed walks. One may complete them sequentially within three days in a row or make one excursion a week to cover a longer period of time.

It is suggested to start the first walk at the Central Kids Store (CKS) on Lubyanka. This is the largest kids’ department store in Moscow that has existed for over 60 years. The building was designed by famous architect Aleksey Dushkin and is a cultural heritage site of regional significance. The department store was comprehensively renovated several years ago and then it reopened its doors to young Muscovites and their parents.

The store has historical and entertainment facilities. For example, the fifth floor has a huge clock – it is one of world’s five largest mechanical clocks, such as Big Ben, Kremlin chimes, Prague chimes, giant clock in Guanzhou. The sixth floor has spaced a museum of childhood featuring toys from the 1950s–1970s: teddy bears, tumblers, toy cars, etc. Besides, the roof has an observation deck offering views of the historic centre of Moscow.

After getting acquainted with the building of the Central Kids Store, one may go to the Zaryadye Park and visit a florarium there. The experimental greenhouse is a home for more than 250 plant species from all over Russia.

Photo by M. Denisov. Mos.ru

The second walk includes a visit to the  Soyuzmultpark multimedia centre. It was opened this year at VDNKh. It hosts daily master classes for kids and adults teaching them how to make toys, souvenirs and home decorations. Also, visitors may watch cartoons in the dome cinema, create their own hand-drawn film and become its character or participate in interactive amusement rides.

One may complete the second walk on the VDNKh air trail. It is located in the territory of the Wild Nature Landscape Park. Here one should admire the beauty of the old Sheremetyevskaya oak forest from a height of 6.5 metres and examine the squirrels and owls living in the tops of trees.

They also suggest to start the third walk from VDNKh. Young travellers and their parents should visit the Moskvarium centre for oceanography and marine biology. This is one of the largest oceanariums in Europe. 12 thousand water inhabitants from various parts of the planet – from Baikal to the Amazon, from Sakhalin to Greenland – are living here. Visitors may look at exotic fishes, dolphins, stingrays, sharks, turtles, and octopuses, as well as watch shows featuring marine animals.

Moskvarium Public Affairs Office at VDNKh

After getting acquainted with the aquarium inhabitants, travellers are offered to go for a walk in the landscape park: feast their eyes with a cascade of the Kamensky ponds and see one of the most famous fountains, the Golden head of wheat. One may do that the observation deck of the park. A platform with wooden benches is very nice for a short respite.

The Russpass digital travel service Russpass was created on the initiative of the Moscow Government. The project implementation is supervised by the Tourism Committee jointly with Moscow’s Department of Information Technologies.

The Russpass digital travel service helps plan a trip around Russia quickly and easily. Here you can buy railway and air tickets, book a restaurant and much more.

A couple of clicks provide one with individual itinerary along the selected tourist places or a ready-made offer. In total, Russpass offers more than 2.7 thousand travel offers today.

Source: mos.ru

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