"Volunteer of Moscow - 2021": citizens can support a campaign of good deeds

September 29
Social sector

A series of volunteer events and master classes within the framework of the Moscow Volunteer - 2021 competition began in Moscow. Online and offline events will be held until December. Muscovites who do not participate in the competition are also invited to join it.

“One of the innovations of the Moscow Volunteer competition in 2021 is the opportunity for Muscovites to take part in a diverse volunteer program. It involves patriotic, cultural, socially oriented and environmental events. Mosvolonter resource center is the organizer of the good deeds campaign," said Natalya Sergunina, Moscow Mayor deputy.

You can see the program on the official website of the competition in the "Events Calendar" section. In addition, information is published on Mosvolonter's pages in social networks VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook.

Time for good deeds

Until the end of September, all Muscovites can donate stationeries for children from low-income, large families and social institutions as part of the action # We will pack off the school student together. At the Mosvolonter office site (Leningradsky prospect, house 5, building 1) you can put in special boxes pens, pencils, notebooks, paints, felt-tip pens, as well as prepared secondary school student sets.

On October 17, Muscovites can join a volunteer cleanup of Arkhangelskoye estate and museum park. The estate excursion will be performed for cleanup participants.

The campaign "Gifts for the elderly" will start on October 25 to collect New Year's gifts. The gifts are collected at the resource center at Leningradsky prospect, 5, building 1. In December, gifts will be presented to elderlies - beneficiaries of the Old Age to Joy charity foundation.

Everyone is also invited to participate in the campaign in support of animal shelters #Feed Dog. It will take place until December. Citizens can visit the Mosvolonter office (Leningradsky prospekt, 5, building 1) and put dry food, toys, leashes and litters in the branded boxes installed there.

The Moscow Volunteer competition is held for the seventh time. Traditionally, it attracts thousands of empathic people. In 2019, more than 3.6 thousand people took part in it, and in 2020 - about 7.5 thousand.

Representatives of all areas of volunteer activity can take part in the competition. Winners and prize-winners are determined in three area and eight nominations, such as “I am a volunteer”, “Organizer of good deeds”, “Good idea”, “Good team. School”, “Good team. University " and others.

You can submit an application before October 26 on the competition website.

Source: mos.ru

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