Videos about residents of Moskvarium appeared on the #Moskvastoboy platform

April 9

New videos appeared on the #Moskvastoboy media platform of Moscow Tourism Committee. They were prepared by the Moskvarium Center for oceanography and marine biology.  They tell you in detail about inhabitants of one of Europe’s largest oceanariums.

The videos are divided into several sections. In one, the audience will be offered to get acquainted with freshwater and marine fish, mammals, jellyfish and starfish. Another section is devoted to review of the fauna and flora of water bodies in different parts of the world — Africa, the Amazon basin, seas and rivers of Russia. Another one will tell you about everyday life of the Moskvarium inhabitants: what does a "kindergarten" for offspring look like, when feeding takes place, how they train and spend their time. The audience will be able to take a virtual walk in the company of an ichthyologist through the main spaces of the oceanarium and visit the backstage.

Most of the videos are accompanied by comments of specialists — ichthyologists, trainers, veterinarians who take care of the aquatic inhabitants around the clock. They know them well — their characters, tastes, and favorite places in aquariums. Experts will dispel popular myths (for example, about bloodthirstiness of piranhas) and tell us a lot of new and interesting things about how dangerous a hungry sea urchin could be, how dolphins communicate and why you must not break off pieces from corals.

# Moskvastoboy is a Tourism Committee project launched in March 2020. The platform familiarizes you with lectures, theatrical productions, literary readings, online excursions, cooking shows, fashion shows and much more. The English version of the #Moscowwithyou project is available to foreign users.


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