Veresayev Hospital introduces minimally invasive spine surgery

October 11, 2019

Veresayev City Clinical Hospital has introduced minimally invasive spine surgery, a cutting-edge technology. This is the endoscopic Easy Go removal of intervertebral hernias with epidural anaesthesia.

An endoscope helps surgeons see the surgery area. A 1-2 cm incision to introduce it is enough to eliminate neurothlipsia with special tools. An intradermal cosmetic stitch is applied to the wound. This method avoids post-surgery restrictions. On the first day after the surgery, patients can sit up and walk, and discharged from the hospital a few days later.

The new technology speeds up a patient's recovery and minimises post-surgery pains. There is only a small 1-2 cm scar left, with no need for any antibacterial therapy.

Veresayev City Clinical Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical and preventive institution providing specialised medical care. Recently, the clinic has acquired a phlebological centre for patients with varicose disease, chronic venous insufficiency and lymphostasis of the lower extremities.


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