VDNKh Museum of Oriental Art to hold unique online guided tour

December 24, 2020

The Museum of Oriental Art is unveiling its collection for the first time. On 25 December, users will see artefacts from the Caucasus, Central and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. All of them are now part of a huge exhibition with 1,500 items at VDNKh’s Pavilion No. 13 Healthcare. Most of the exhibits have never been on show before.

“It will be possible to see the most precious Museum exhibits that have never been on show before, and curators will narrate their history,” the VDNKh press service reported.

The guided tour will be broadcast from 4 pm on 25 December on the VDNKh’s official Odnoklassniki account and on the Museum’s YouTube channel.

Darya Smirnova, the Museum’s Chief Curator, will speak about its huge collection and will present the most interesting exhibits. Polina Korotchikova, a research associate with the Department of Middle East, South and Central Asian and African Art, will address the viewers. She will unveil artefacts created by regional artisans. Anna Yegorova, a senior research associate from the Department of the Far East, Southeast Asia and Oceania will display unique Japanese artefacts from the Museum’s collection.

Participants in the online tour will be able to see 17th century Japanese lanterns, a Khiva column from Uzbekistan, a 15th century Iranian ceramic architectural panel, Mongolian folk musical instruments, a carved window from Nepal, wooden chests from Buryatia and Mongolia and lots more.

In 2019, the Museum of Oriental Art opened its permanent exhibition called Preserving Culture: The Roerichs’ Museum at VDNKh.

Those wishing to learn more about the painstaking efforts of restorers to preserve and revive rare museum artefacts can do so using the Museum’s social media networks and VDNKh’s Facebook account. The latter offers a guided tour of the Scientific Restoration Department, also located at VDNKh.

Source: mos.ru

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