VDNKh, Museon and Tverskoi Boulevard: sites offering Flower Jam's gardens

July 7

Flower Jam, landscape design festival and contest, in still underway in Moscow. Summer gardens, arranged in various styles, started to emerge in Moscow on 20 June. They will decorate streets, squares and embankments until the first days of autumn. In total, Moscow has been decorated with 42 gardens arranged by Russian and foreign designers.

A real Rock Garden has been laid on Tverskoi Boulevard next to building 2. Its author, Damian Michel, has chosen easy-to-keep plants that keep growing throughout the season. There is a shady area for visitors to recreate on wooden benches under pine trees. Clean-cut geometric shapes remind of rocky ridges, and white gravel at the roots of trees reflects and diffuses sunlight.

Georgian designer Alex Solomnishvili decorated an area on the Moskvoretskaya Embankment opposite Zaryadye Park. The project author was inspired by the Moscow panorama. Its garden silhouette resembling buildings of different heights speak for it. There are areas for quiet and active recreation, a children's playground with a slide and a mini climbing wall.

Oasis called '360' created by Slovak designers Richard Marfiak and Michal Marcinov appeared next to 4/1 Presnenskaya Embankment. The authors' concept is to tell about the ways of citizens’  interaction with nature and the city. Throughout summer, new plants will be planted here regularly, thus changing the space.

Another unusual garden called Universal Rhythm has appeared at VDNKh. It is a project by Italian designers Adele Sironi and David Rampinelli, who were inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian. The authors have used various-sized geometric modules. Their colours (yellow, blue and red) resonate with the range used by the abstract artist in his paintings. There is also a cube-shaped dome.

Museon Arts Park presents two works of the Flower Jam participants. Next to Mikhail Lermontov's monument, you will find an Amazing Garden designed by Maggie Wu from China and Alejandro O'Neil from Uruguay. It is a traditional garden maze leading right to the heart of the garden, where you will find a recreation area under a golden fabric dome.

The Topographic Floral Stories garden has been laid in the Museon Arts Park according to the project of Finnish architect Kairi Meos.  The project's concept is observing a familiar landscape varying according to the weather, time of the day and lighting. The sculptures installed in the garden symbolize the line between wildlife and urbanism.

Next to the Museon, at the entrance to the Gorky Park, you will find Yelena Gorskaya's garden City Sounds. The designer was inspired by the present-day Moscow. The author has tried to fit avenues and skyscrapers, quiet streets and cozy courtyards in a limited area.

Source: mos.ru

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