VDNKh, manor houses and even more: what will be restored in Moscow in 2021

March 18
Construction and renovation

Since 2011, 1,578 cultural heritage sites have been put in order in Moscow, including old manor houses, churches, houses and infrastructures with many of them in very poor condition, Sergei Sobyanin wrote on his blog.

“Restoration is an endless process. Works on some objects are coming to an end, and it is already time to start working on others,” Moscow Mayor noted. According to him, there are works planned to restore about 100 landmark buildings for 2021.

The GES-2 building on Bolotnaya embankment is one of them. This power station was built in early XX century and was decommissioned after 100 years. At the same time, the building itself is a recognized landmark building of the capital city’s industrial architecture. The restoration started as early as in 2014: annexes were removed, the original clock tower appearance was restored, and solar panels were installed on the roof. When works are over, a "House of Culture GES-2" museum and educational complex are planned for opening here.

“Exhibition halls, art residences and a transforming hall for concerts, productions and performances will be located under its arches. And the GES-2 territory with the promenade will become a walking route part, as will connect the Cathedral of Christ the Savior with Yakimanka District,” Moscow Mayor wrote.

Large-scale works will continue at VDNKh, which has been the main restoration site in Moscow for several years. This year, the restoration of three pavilions will be completed here: pavilion 5 "Physics" (originally dedicated to the Latvian SSR), pavilion 15 "Radio Electronics and Communications" (built for the Volga region exposition) and pavilion 30 "Microbiological Industry".

Photo by Maxim Denisov, Mos.ru

They will have not only their original appearance returned, but the museum function as well. Pavilion 5 will host the Museum of Moscow Public Utilities Sector, Pavilion 15 will host the Museum of the Russian Olympic Committee, and Pavilion 30 will host the Center for Modern Biotechnologies - the Biotech Museum.

The original olive color was returned to the restored facade of the famous building on Malaya Krasnoselskaya Street - the Abrikosovs’ house hosting the confectionery factory named after Pyotr Babayev. The mansion was restored to its original olive-green facade and stucco moldings in the form of candy vases. Experts are now restoring house historic interiors.

And on Prechistenka, the Naumovs-Volkonskys’ family estate is being restored. The building was erected in 1833, and since 1926 it housed a Children's Library named after N.K.   Krupskaya. Works began in 2018 here: historic window areas in the basement were restored, the building brick volume was preserved, and the Monier vaults were repaired.

The house on Zemlyanoy Val, built in the middle of the XIX century, will also receive a second life. “Another landmark of Moscow antiquity, whose facades and interiors have survived to this day in a very poor condition,” Moscow Mayor said.

Restorers are restoring the brickwork, roof and socle , stoves, front staircase, windows and doors, art parquet and mosaic floors. Particular attention is paid to the decoration of interiors, where the hotel will open after the completion of works.

“And most importantly, the mansion, like other restored landmark buildings, will adorn the historical appearance of Moscow,” Sergei Sobyanin stressed.

Source: mos.ru

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