VDNKh-80 and Vdokhnoveniye Festival. Top five performances of the International Festival of Arts

July 1

The programme of Vdokhnoveniye International Festival of Arts compiled by its curators Roman Dolzhansky and Ingeborga Dapkunaite includes dozens of great productions from around the world. The main intrigue is the Russian premiere of the new performance of the Italian NoGravity Miracle Theatre Vdokhnoveniye guests admired so much last year, and 'The Land of Nod' visual play by the Belgian-Dutch FC Bergman theatre.

This year, VDNKh, a permanent festival's venue, celebrates its 80th anniversary. Vdokhnoveniye will congratulate major Russian exhibition with two performances based on 'The Swineherd and the Shepherd' film (1941) set at VDNKh (then it was called All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSKhV)). 17 through 21 July, the Green Theatre will run 'The Swineherd and the Shepherd'  musical production, and starting from the second day of the festival, you will listen to the audio performance while walking around VDNKh, based on the story of old friends facing new life turns.

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'The Land of Nod' by FC Bergman experimental theatre (Belgium/Netherlands)

Date: 5-7 and 9-10 July 09:30 pm

Venue: Pavilion No. 75

Age restrictions: 18+

Admission: ticketed event

New theatre FC Bergman founded by six graduates of Antwerp Theatre School is a favourite of European theatre-goers and a real pot-stirrer of international theatre festivals. FC Bergman theatre has always been into experimenting, it shows callisthenic performances and sophisticated visual productions. 'Les pêcheurs de perles' ('The Pearl Fishers') opera by Georges Bizet for the Flemish Opera House (2018) is the latest theatre's production.

Created in 2015, 'The Land of Nod' installation performance was already the Avignon Festival's highlight the following year. While critics were looking for parallels with the theatre of Italian radical Romeo Castellucci and the dance of the legendary Pina Bausch in a wordless production involving movement, music and light, the audience was transfixed with delight and other complicated feelings.

The biblical Land of Nod is the place where Cain, who killed his brother Abel, was banished to without the right to return. The reconstructed interior of the Rubens Hall in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp plays a part of the old Testament prison, and Cain is a Museum worker in overalls seeking protection surrounded by majestic exhibits. But this Land of Nod cannot protect him, it does not let Cain go, while it is open to any danger coming from the outside.

Mù — cinematique des fluides by  Transe Express theatre (France)

Date: 20-21 July 09:30 pm

Venue: Promyshlennosti Square

Age restrictions: 0+

Admission: free

Open-air performance fans are offered a production of Transe Express French Air Theatre. Two nights in a row, they will present their version of the fantastic novel by Jules Verne 'From the Earth to the Moon' involving going through the fire, real flights and other miracles and dangerous tricks. The performance's highlight is body-shaped figures parading to a live orchestra music.

Performance's name is translated as 'Kinematics of Liquids'. The Verne's novel is the starting point to gain an insight into science: performance creators dwell on the periodic table of elements and tell  about the origin of matter and the Universe using poetic images.

Transe Express theatre, founded by dancer and choreographer Bridget Bourdain and sculptor Gilles Rod, was opened almost 40 years ago. Major European cities witnessed its performances. It visited Moscow as well, with their first performance in 2001, when Transe Express headlined the World Theatre Olympiad.

‘Baikonur Steppe Circus’ by ARTiSHOK theatre (Kazakhstan) and the AXE Engineering Theatre (Russia)

Date: 17 July 08:00 pm

Venue: Promyshlennosti Square

Age restrictions: 12+

Admission: free

Vdokhnoveniye festival introduces to not only the key performances of famous theatres, but presents premieres, too. One of the performances at VDNKh to run for the first time is to be 'Baikonur Steppe Circus'. It is based on the mythology study of the city that connects the Earth with space, and Russia with Kazakhstan. Naturally, everything is centred around space flights.

Actors in bright costumes of fantastic characters are to fight gravity on a special construction. The first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the most unearthly Soviet avant-garde artist Sergei Kalmykov, and the myths’ heroes morose Black Shepherd and demonic creature of Zhalmauyiz Kempir will defy gravity.

ARTiSHOK, an independent Alma-Ata theatre, has united the best Kazakh actors, directors, artists and musicians. It is renowned for performances based on documentary materials, plays by new drama authors and modern world literature.

AXE, the avant-garde theatre, was founded in 1989 in Leningrad by the members of Boris Ponizovsky's DaNet Visual Theatre. The word 'Engineering' was added to the name in 1999. The theatre team has toured much throughout the world. Its track record includes both ordinary performances in squares and streets, and participation in major events such as the cultural programme of the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010.

'Leonardo' by Italian NoGravity theatre company

Date: 12-14 July 09:00 pm

Venue: Green Theatre

Age restrictions: 0+

Admission: ticketed event

Moscow audience is already familiar with the Italian NoGravity theatre, as last year Vdokhnoveniye Festival hosted its 'Aria' play with flying singers and dancers. The theatre's artistic director Emiliano Pellisari and his artists revive theatrical ideas of the past. Their magical performances are based on the study of ancient theatres, Baroque miracle theatre, and Renaissance's mechanical inventions. The well-forgotten old meets modern features of theatrical machinery resulting in real magic. Both children and their parents are equally delighted with NoGravity performances. Come to see them as a family.

'Leonardo' is a new production of Pellisari's theatre. The world premiere will take place on 1 July at the Naples Theatre Festival, and two weeks later you may watch it at the renovated Green Theatre’s stage. The production created to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death is dedicated to the interpretation of the basic drawings, inventions and ideas of the Italian genius. Acrobatic dancers, eight musicians and opera singers carry spectators to the world of da Vinci and lead them through it with their light-footed gait and, as usual, easily defying gravity.

'The Swineherd and the Shepherd' performance and walk by Mobile Art Theatre (Moscow)

Date: 6-21 July during VDNKs opening hours

Venue: the route starts in front of the central VDNKh arch

Age restrictions: 16+

Admission: free

On the occasion of the 80th VDNKh's anniversary, Vdokhnoveniye Festival has a wonderful gift for its audience, 'The Swineherd and the Shepherd' audioplay based on the Soviet hit by Ivan Pyryev about two lovers from different parts of the Soviet Union, who meet at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSKhV). Released in late 1941, this lyrical comedy delighted the Soviet audience so much that it has been one of the most popular and favourite films for many years.

Valery Panyushkin, the script writer, changed its action time from 1941 to the present day, and introduced new professions of the main characters. Only location remained the same. According to the new version, swineherd Glasha (Yang Ge) is a Chinese tourist managing a restaurant chain in China, and a shepherd Musaib (Odin Byron) is an American software developer tending the cattle with the help of drones. The third voice belongs to Chulpan Khamatova playing a guide to introduce foreign visitors to VDNKh, the fates of its architects, and to this film of 1941.

Download a special mobile app to listen to the play following its characters around the exhibition. 6 through 21 July, 'The Swineherd and the Shepherd' audio performance will be available for free in the mobile app, but starting from 22 July, it is to be paid.

Source: mos.ru

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