Vaccinated Muscovites will donate plasma for treatment of COVID-19

March 27

Patients with coronavirus infection will be treated using the plasma of those who were vaccinated against the disease, which is planned in the framework of the study launched in Moscow. The first plasma was donated at City Clinical Hospital No. 52. Several hundred donors and 120 recipients will take part in the study. This was announced by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.

“The Clinical Committee decision launched a study in Moscow on the use of immune plasma from donors who did not have COVID-19 but were vaccinated against the virus. Such plasma is now collected at the City Clinical Hospital No. 52. The hospital accepts donors today. Then the plasma is transferred to the capital's in-patient facilities for transfusion to volunteers who are being treated for coronavirus infection, which will make it possible to assess the effectiveness and safety of the method. Several hundred potential donors vaccinated against COVID-19 will participate in the study, and 120 recipients applied to receive plasma,” the vice mayor said.

The vaccinated donors underwent medical examination, were consulted by transfusion doctor and passed the tests necessary for admission to plasma donation.

“As part of the current study, potential donors underwent a preliminary test for the presence of virus-neutralizing antibodies in addition to ELISA testing. After all the standard procedures required for admission to donation, we perform plasmapheresis,” said Oksana Karpova, head of the blood transfusion department at City Clinical Hospital No. 52.

The hospital is now inviting donors. Muscovites who received two components of Sputnik V (Gam-COVID-Vak) are addressed to participate in the study, if at least 30 days after the introduction of the second component passed.

Donors are entitled to a stimulating payment in the amount of five thousand rubles, as well as a food allowance 1212 roubles worth.

After the study is completed, Moscow clinics will finally decide whether to invite vaccinated people to become plasma donors and formulate the selection criteria.

Transfusion of plasma taken from people who recovered from coronavirus infection started in the capital hospitals in April 2020. Last autumn, the COVID-19 Clinical Committee approved a unified standard for the hospital treatment of patients. Plasma is used in the treatment of patients with moderate and severe coronavirus infection at hospitals.

Plasma transfusion is a component of complex therapy being one of the potentially effective methods of treatment. The effect of the procedure is achieved due to some amount of specific antibodies in the plasma that help neutralize the virus. The decision on transfusion is made by the council, based on the clinical findings.

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