Vaccinated donors can donate plasma with COVID-19 antibodies within six months after vaccination

September 2

The Moscow Blood Service invites vaccinated donors to donate blood plasma with antibodies to the COVID-19 within six months after introduction of the second vaccine component. Anti-COVID plasma from vaccinated donors is taken between the 31st and 180th days after vaccination with Sputnik-V second component.

“Plasma with antibodies from donors after vaccination or after exposure to COVID-19 is effective in the treatment of patients with intermediate severity of the disease. One can become a plasma donor starting from the 31st day after vaccination with the second component of Sputnik V. It is also necessary to remember that no more than six months from receiving the second component should pass emphasized the press service of the Moscow Health Department.

The transfusion of immune plasma to patients with COVID-19 was listed in the clinical recommendations as an element of complex therapy.

Studies revealed that the plasma of donors vaccinated with Sputnik V is no less effective than the plasma of those who was exposed to the virus. Plasma from donors with antibodies to the coronavirus blocks the virus spreading in the body 1.5 times faster. Meanwhile, the plasma of vaccinated donors is 70 percent more likely to have a high titer of virus-neutralizing antibodies than the plasma of those who was exposed to COVID-19.

Plasma donors with antibodies to COVID-19 are entitled to payments in the amount of five thousand rubles, as well as food allowance 1,235 rubles worth. If donating plasma for free, the donation can be counted in the amount necessary to obtain the status of “Honorary Donor of Moscow” or “Honorary Donor of Russia”.

The main requirements for donors of anti-COVID plasma after vaccination are as follows:

- valid certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 with two components of Sputnik V or other supporting documents (confirmation on the Gosuslugi (Provision of public services) website);

- blood donation should take place within 30-180 days period after immunization with Sputnik V second component;

- age between 18 and 55 years, weight exceeding 50 kilograms, satisfactory health, no symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections and no chronic diseases, no relative and absolute contraindications.

There are eight places for plasma donation after COVID-19 in Moscow:

- O.K. Gavrilov Blood Center (31 Bakinskaya Street);

- O.K. Gavrilov Blood Center (14 Polikarpova Street, building 2);

- N.V. Sklifosovsky first aid RDC (3 Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Square, building 12);

- City Clinical Hospital No. 52 (3 Pekhotnaya Street, building 1);

- M.P.  Konchalovsky City Clinical Hospital (2 Kashtanovaya Alley, building 5, Zelenograd);

- A.K. Eramishantsev City Clinical Hospital (15 Lenskaya Street);

- L.A.  Vorokhobov City Clinical Hospital No. 67 (2/44 Salyama Adilya Street);

- N.I. Pirogov City Clinical Hospital No. 1 (10 Leninsky Avenue, building 1).

There is a hotline: +7 (495) 870-45-16 for potential donors. Calls are received daily from 09:00 to 19:00. More details are available on the Moscow Health Department website.


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