Unusual landscapes and fantastic photos: Viewing points in Moscow parks

September 8
Parks and pedestrian areas

A multitude of places in the city parks await people if they want to get a superb panorama of landmarks and unique natural landscapes. The viewing points and specially equipped observation sites are a great attraction all year round.

One on the most well-known observation points is on top of the roof of the main entrance to Gorky Park. A scenic outlook of Neskuchny Garden, Vorobyovy Gory, the Shukhov Tower, the Church of the Holy Right-Believing Tsarevich Dimitry at the First Gradskaya (City)  Hospital, the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences and St Andrew Stavropegic Monastery can clearly be seen from 17 metres up. Binoculars are also available for people who want to get a better look and more detailed view of the surroundings.

People can reach the observation point by going through the museum and buying a ticket. The museum and the site are open from 11 am to10 pm every day except Mondays. Free admission is on each third Thursday of the month.

Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve visitors can not only admire the old architecture but also take great photos. Tsaritsyno has several popular points for taking pictures. One of them is the Milovida Pavilion (Milovidova Gallery) built in the early 19th century, the location’s showpiece. The pavilion is situated on the steep bank of the Verkhny (Upper) Tsaritsynsky  Pond not far from the Opera House and the Grand Palace. This is believed to be the best place for wedding photos.

A very beautiful panorama unfolds from the Grand Palace Meadow. The southern façade of the Grand Palace, the Medium and Small Palaces, the Ornate Gate and the Bread House can easily be seen from there. This is the starting point of all park promenades.

Nice pictures can also be taken at the observation point in Mitino landscape park. It has a special frame which surrounds the scenery location with a view of the park. Ground lighting illuminates the place at night.

Those wishing to get a good glimpse of the Khimki water reservoir should head for the Severnoye Tushino Park. There’s another great view of the Leningradsky Bridge from the embankment beside of the Alyoshkinsky Meadow. The most spectacular landscapes are from the wooden summerhouse at dusk.

A panorama of the Krugly (Round) Pond can be got from the viewing point in the central part of Izmailovsky Park. The pond was dug in the 17th century as a decorative feature of the mansion that belonged to Czar Alexei Mikhailovich and is considered to be a major local landmark.

A unique view of water can be found in the western part of the 50th Anniversary of October Park. This observation point is situated on high ground offering nice views of the New Olympic Ponds and the surrounding park.

Not only observation points, but also gardens, alleys and park locations with unusual monuments are considered to be excellent places for photos. Funny pictures can be taken with the Chief Accountant Fairy statute in the Money Garden at Sokolniki Park and selfies with the steam-engine driver in Babushkinsky Park.

Source: mos.ru

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