Unusual artwork set up near the Sklifosovsky Institute

October 17, 2019

An unusual artwork was mounted next to the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine. 3D letters and numbers make up a 13 m phrase 'ПРО100СПАСИБО' (Eng. 'just thank you'). There are special holes for letters of thanks to the ambulance doctors.

'The artwork was set up here for a reason. In 1919, it was from here that the first ambulance left for a call to a patient. We hope that the installation will resonate in the hearts of Muscovites, and they will warmly express their gratitude to the ambulance staff,' said Nikolai Plavunov, Chief Physician of Puchkov First Aid Station.

Muscovites and Moscow guests may view the artwork until 1 November.

There are three more installations dedicated to the anniversary of the Moscow First-Aid Station set up in the city.

Trubnaya Square has now a red 3D number 100 with highlights from the life of the first-aid station. For example, the fact that 1,040 Moscow ambulance teams respond to 12,000 calls daily, and that doctors need about 12 minutes on average to get to the patient, etc.

Near Lubyanka metro station, you will find mirror installation, which also introduces Muscovites and guests to some fact about the ambulance service.

The third artwork is located on Novopushkinsky Square near Tverskaya metro station. It features number 100, with benches installed in its two zeros.

Also, a themed photo exhibition has been prepared for the 100th anniversary of the Moscow First-Aid Station, with works displayed on Chistoprudny, Tverskoi and Gogolevsky boulevards. The project will tell about the history of the Moscow first-aid station — from its establishment to the present day. The exhibition is open until 30 October.

Source: mos.ru

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