Two thousand offers and more than a million users: how the Russpass travel service is going forward

May 8
Tourism and travels

More than a million people have already used the Russpass travel service. Today it features more than two thousand proposals, said Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor. The service for traveling within Russia, launched last summer, is run by the Moscow Government together with regional authorities.

“Russpass has been operating for nine months. During this time, more than a million people have used it, and the number of the featured tourist offers exceeds two thousand. Along with a total number of tours, expert travel itineraries and leisure programs, the number of national cultural sites presented in the service is growing. Only museums which are offered by the service are more than 400 now”, said Natalya Sergunina.

She pointed out that cooperation agreements with Russpass were signed by all Russian regional authorities, 76 of which have already presented their tourist programs for travelers. To this date, Russpass has more than 450 partners, of which over 160 are tour operators from all over the country.

Recently, an option of group booking of excursion programs has become available. You can choose from a variety of more than 20 tours, including trips to Moscow, the Moscow region, the Tver region, the Novgorod and Sakhalin regions, Khabarovsk Krai, and the number of destinations is growing.

At the beginning of spring, three new user-friendly features appeared on Russpass. That is, an option of complex routes planning for multimodal travelling, offering tickets for a plane, train and bus in one place. The service will provide a best planned route, tailored according to a tourist’s wishes.

The second new function is an interactive map of Russia with location of sites, museums, theaters and restaurants. The map helps users to examine the travel opportunities of the capital and other cities.

Moreover, authorization is now possible through the largest domestic and foreign online platforms. Travelers may log onto the Russpass portal using their account or a social media account.

Russpass is a digital travel service that helps plan trips across Russia. Here you may buy air flight and railway tickets, book tours and excursions to museums, buy tickets to theaters, and learn about top landmarks and useful services. Regular tours and expert travel itineraries are also available.

Such web tools are becoming more popular because people prefer to buy tours, tickets, hotels and excursions online. That is why Moscow, along with other regions, is actively contributing to the Russpass service. Such measures will increase attractiveness of tourist destinations and allow for confident competition for tourist traffic when restrictions on international travel are lifted in the world.


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