Two Photo Exhibitions Timed to City Day Opened on Nikitsky Boulevard

September 11

Two outdoor photo exhibitions timed to the City Day opened on Nikitsky Boulevard. Their organizers are Moscow Department of Culture and the Lumiere Gallery.

The Festive Moscow exposition will show the important events in the history of the USSR, such as the 1980 Olympic Games, the 1957 World Festival of Youth and Students, welcoming the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, celebration of the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution, Red Square parades, film festivals, spring markets, and May Day demonstrations.

Moscow by Naum Granovsky exhibition presents iconic photos of the 1920-1970s from the archives of the key photographer of Moscow’s architecture.

Festive Moscow

Moscow residents and guests will see pictures by the Soviet reportage photography pioneers of the 1920-1940s, classicists of the Thaw period of the 1950-1960s and masters of the 1970-1980s: Ivan Shagin, Naum Granovsky, Mikhail Trakhman, Andrey Knyazev and Vladimir Stepanov.

Besides, the exposition will feature published photos by Russian-German photographer Erwin Volkov, as well as photos by Yuri Shalamov, a reporter who used to glorify Soviet athletes’ achievements.

The photos from the 1920-1980s are an opportunity to see the city as viewed by Soviet people.

Moscow by Naum Granovsky

Naum Granovsky was a military and civilian photographer. He liked to take photos of the same streets and squares of Moscow in different years. The result is a unique photo project that traces Moscow developing in the first half of the 20th century: Strastnaya Square and Kitaygorodskaya Wall of the early century, Stalin’s Empire style, residential areas belonging to the Soviet modernism era of the 1960s.

Naum Granovsky perceived Moscow as a living person having specific character and mood. The master liked to return to the same places to register them changed.

Photos for both expositions are the courtesy of the Lumiere Gallery established in 2001. The exhibitions will be open till late September. 


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