Two Moscow projects won Transport Ticketing Awards 2021

July 9

Two projects of Moscow City Transport Agency won the prestigious international award in the sphere of ticketing solutions Transport Ticketing Awards 2021. Moscow Transport app won the Best MaaS Initiative award beating out the competitors from the Unites Sates (Nevada) and Monaco. SberTroika project became the winner of the Best Smart Ticketing Programme. Its objective is to integrate the Moscow’s ticketing system based on ‘Troika’ card into the regions of Russia. Competitors of Moscow in this category were the companies from Singapore and Australia.

Experts note the high level of Moscow’s ticketing system for two consecutive years now. Troika card as a separate project was short listed the Best Technology category in 2020, and this year’s award has internationally recognized it once again.

“The best ticketing system has been created in Moscow. Moscow is the world’s top city with respect to the number of convenient ways of fare payment. The concept mobility as a service (MaaS) will appear soon in the Moscow Transport app - the service will start working this year and will integrate different means of Moscow’s transport, which will further increase mobility and comfort of Muscovites. Another project on integration of Troika card is changing travel across the country - paying for trips in many regions is now as easy as in Moscow, and the residents can use their transport card for visits in Moscow. “Troika card is the single ticket for all means of transportation in Moscow,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow Mayor, Head of Moscow City Transport Agency.

There are about 10 ways of fare payment that are available to Moscow passengers today. The most popular is Troika card; about 90% of trips are made with help of this card. Due to optimization of the ticketing system, passengers are now buying tickets from the drivers of surface transport eight times less often. Besides, it allowed to reduce the ticket window lines in the subway by 40%.

Troika card became customized since last November. Now it can be linked in the personal account of My Moscow app, and in case of card loss, all the money can be transferred to a new card. Automatic top-up and balance reduction reminder can be set there as well.

More than 30 million Troika cards have been issued in Moscow since 2013.

Transport Ticketing Awards is the largest international award in the sphere of ticketing solutions development. It is held annually in London, where the best projects from across the globe compete for it.


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