Two Moscow Hospitals Start a Sputnik V Vaccine Study for Adolescents

July 9

Two Moscow hospitals have started a Sputnik V vaccine study for adolescents aged 12-17. It will be held jointly with the National Research Centre n.a. N.F. Gamaleya. The first volunteers have already started undergoing a medical examination before vaccine administration.

“Now we are conducting the first and the second phases of the study based on two leading children’s hospitals: Morozov Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital n.a. Z.A. Bashlyaeva. For this purpose, we have recruited the planned number of participants: 100 people. Today we have commenced a medical examination of the first volunteers. It includes a mandatory PCR test,” said Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development Anastasiya Rakova.

They are to receive Sputnik V used to vaccinate people aged over 18 but in a lower dosage.

The study will take one year from its start. The children will be constantly monitored by physicians over this period of time. Prior to administration of the first and the second components, the participants will be placed in an isolated box for three days. There they will be again examined before vaccination, after which our specialists will be monitoring their health state.

Later they will have to visit the hospital several more times to undergo testing. The adolescents will be keeping a self-observation diary via a special mobile app, while physicians will control their health by phone.

The third phase of the study will take place at children’s polyclinics in Moscow. It will comprise 250 people. Their recruitment will commence in the late summer. Its results will let decision-makers include adolescents in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

The study involves adolescents who have not previously experienced the coronavirus infection, have no contraindications to the vaccine or other medical contraindications. Their potential temporary contraindication is ARVI experienced two weeks before the expected date of vaccination, or vaccination against another disease that took place less than 30 days before Sputnik V administration.



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