Two billion public appeals in a decade: how the portal facilitates state services

May 7
Social sector

Muscovites have already been rendered state services two billion times and have been using the web portal over a decade of its operation. Sergei Sobyanin commented on this in his blog.

“It all started 10 years ago, in 2011, with an electronic service for issuing a license to work as a taxi driver. Then it was added by an option of electronic enrollment to elementary school and ordering a Unified Payment Document for utility services payment. These first e-services shaped the Moscow standard, which, by and large, is preserved to this day”, Moscow Mayor wrote.

Electronic services must be accessible and convenient, so they can be obtained 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The portal should become the main channel for interaction between the city and its residents. More than 13.9 million people signed up for the portal, which is more than the number of citizens living in the capital according to statistics. Over 380 services are now available to Muscovites with complete personal accounts. “All residents of Moscow should enjoy the opportunity to access e-services. Therefore, you do not need to go somewhere to register on the portal”, added Sergei Sobyanin.

Whenever possible, all public services are converted into electronic format. Still if a paper document is required, you only need to come for it once. In the capital, they strive to ensure that only an electronic application is needed to obtain state services. The state agencies will independently request confirming certificates online within the interdepartmental workflow.

If a person does not know how to use a computer, tablet or mobile phone, then he or she may come to My Documents center to get assistance to access a certain service. In this case, such appeal must be registered through According to Moscow Mayor, this is a guarantee of equality and recognition of the citizens’ rights, as well as effective means of preventing corruption in the domain of public services.

Not only public services of a legal nature, which are required sporadically, but also those which the Muscovites use on a daily basis, are being converted online. The most in demand is electronic diary (more than 830 million appeals in a decade), services to register water meters readings (over 237 million appeals) and traffic fines check (over 164 million appeals) rank second and third.

Enrollment to children’s creative and sports clubs, art centers (more than 7.4 million appeals), request for access to electronic medical records (more than 2.9 million appeals), as well as issue of a one-pass for passage of freight transport in limited traffic zones (more than 1.5 million public appeals) have become popular.

In addition, the portal has launched a charity service for people who need support, and the Search for Lost and Found Pets service.

Further on it is planned to improve services and approaches to providing services to Muscovites. The portal will use artificial intelligence to predict the most desirable services for citizens in different situations. Thus, after birth of a child, the portal in one go will offer the parents to enroll him/her in a kindergarten and register to a clinic, as well as inform about due social payments and benefits. A regularly received service will be provided automatically if the necessary data is available, the result will appear in your personal account.

“Electronic services have not just entered our everyday life. In fact, over the years relations between residents and city authorities have changed. From solicitors queueing up for hours, citizens have turned into clients whom the authorities are obliged to provide high quality services to. By the most conservative estimates, e-services save working people at least two days a year, which they used to spend going about and queuing at different offices. And this change took place absolutely naturally and seamlessly for the majority of Muscovites. Thank you for using the portal. We will continue to develop this user-friendly and practical service”, added Sergei Sobyanin.

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