Twelfth stroke treatment centre open in northeastern Moscow

January 24

The city is constantly expanding its chain of stroke treatment facilities consisting of regional vascular centres at major clinics. The Yeramishantsev City Clinical Hospital that treats patients with acute brain circulation problems has become the 12th such establishment. These places include hospitals equipped with high-tech equipment for treating stroke cases. If it should be necessary, their surgeons can without delay perform complicated operations. The new stroke treatment facilities have never ever before been able to provide such high-tech emergency treatment for so many stroke patients.

“Speedy treatment is crucial when it comes to successfully dealing with vascular malfunctions. The chain of stroke treatment facilities allows doctors to find the nearest available angiographs or digital X-ray devices for diagnosing the cardio-vascular system and to rush patients to such places. Operations are  carried out within 60 minutes of the arrival of the ambulance,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova.

Angiographs conduct ultrasonic scans of blood vessels, locate blood clots, calculate their size and assess blood pressure levels inside damaged arteries. Such data helps decide the optimal methods for extracting blood clots and quickly treating patients. The Yeramishantsev City Clinical Hospital has two angiographs.

Although the second device was only installed fairly recently, doctors have already used it to conduct over ten successful blood-clot removal operations on patients with ischemic strokes.

The city established a chain of stroke treatment facilities in 2017. It’s similar to the one for treating cardiac arrest cases and includes the largest Moscow hospitals with vascular centres boasting the required diagnostic and surgical equipment. Operating theatres are always on standby all the time. Stroke treatment facilities are located at the following hospitals:

  • the Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine;
  • the Botkin City Clinical Hospital;
  • the Pirogov City Clinical Hospital No. 1;
  • the Buyanov City Clinical Hospital;
  • the Filatov City Clinical Hospital No. 15;
  • the Davydovsky City Clinical Hospital;
  • City Clinical Hospital No. 31;
  • the Veresayev City Clinical Hospital;
  • the Yudin City Clinical Hospital;
  • the Konchalovsky City Clinical Hospital;
  • the Inozemtsev City Clinical Hospital;
  • the Yeramishantsev City Clinical Hospital.

The automated Statsionar system effectively assists stroke treatment facilities. Local ambulance teams use this to locate the nearest hospitals where  patients can promptly be operated on. The technology also makes it easier for them to decide on hospitals, depending on a patient’s condition and place of residence. Hospital doctors are notified in advance and have everything in place in the operating theatre prior to a patient’s arrival.


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