Tverskoi Boulevard opens Moscow Lights photo exhibition

January 4

Moscow Lights photo exhibition has opened on Tverskoi Boulevard. It is about the New Year's decoration of the city.

'On the New Year’s and Christmas' eve, Moscow transforms in a magic way. The Moscow City Services Complex specialists have mounted over 4,000 light and 3D decorative structures and more than 300 artificial Christmas trees in all Moscow administrative areas,' said First Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov.

An open-air gallery on the Central Alley offers the brightest elements of Moscow's festive decoration. The exhibition will run until 24 January.

'Thousands of specialists are engaged to create a New Year atmosphere in Moscow: artists and designers, electricians and installers. Just recently, we celebrated the Power Engineers' Day, and this exhibition is our small gift to everyone who creates a festive mood for Moscow residents and guests with their own hands,' said Pyotr Biryukov.

By the New Year, more than 300 artificial Christmas trees and over 4,000 light and decorative structures have been installed in the Russian capital. Find the largest, 30 m high festive tree on Lubyanskaya Square

Fir trees and Christmas ornaments have appeared along Moscow's entry roads, in pedestrian areas, parks and railway stations. Photo zones opened in places of public celebrations, with decorative tunnels, big 2020 artworks, and fairy-tale characters mounted.


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