Tufted duck and white-backed woodpecker: birds discovered in Moscow during EuroBirdwatch 2019

October 13, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

During EuroBirdwatch 2019, on 5 and 6 October, 4,176 birds of 44 species have been registered in Moscow. Mallard and great tit were the most spotted birds. Besides, Muscovites were lucky to watch tufted duck, white-backed woodpecker, common kestrel and water hen.

About 250 people joined the birding in natural areas. In 2018, 120 citizens counted birds. They have registered 1,749 birds of 29 species. All bird data has been sent to Mospriroda to process and submit it to the coordination centre for data integration.

2,840 people joined the bird count in Russia. They have spotted 138,962 birds belonging to 241 species. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver region and the Republic of Crimea had the most bird watchers.

The most numerous species recorded in Russia were the coot (46,014 birds), common starling (17,077 birds) and rock pigeon (6,780 birds). A large number of coots was registered on the southeastern coast of Crimea, where the birds congregate.

Russia had the fourth biggest number of birdwatchers. The first place was taken by France. Greece was the second and Hungary was the third. This year, 28,920 people from 35 countries have counted 4,272,230 birds.

Before the campaign's launch, the organisers held a series of themed classes and master classes to identify the species of birds that can be found in different regions during migration. There were 326 events in Russia, 43 of which have been prepared by Mospriroda. Around 1,500 Muscovites took part in tours and master classes.

In Europe, the campaign included 1,089 events. For the first time in the history of the European bird count, Russia was the leader. The number of classes held in Moscow has contributed significantly to the statistics.

EuroBirdwatch took place in Europe and Central Asia. It aims to tell about where birds migrate, what difficulties they face during migration and wintering.

Source: mos.ru

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