Traveling with comfort: the Ruspass service updates the website and introduces a mobile application

October 11
Tourism and travels

Russpass digital travel service upgraded the website and launched a mobile app for iOS and Android. Now it will become easier for users to find information about sights, excursions and tours, as well as to select the most interesting routes for their travels in Russia. The site has updated sections, added new useful options and increased the number of filters to search for current travel offers. The portal is adapted for mobile devices.

"Today, Russpass is one of the most convenient ways to plan a trip to Russia. When making up your route, you can see interesting sights in detail — a slide show is now available to users. In total, the service has already presented more than 3.2 thousand offers for tourists. These are ready-made tours, excursions and much more," Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, said.

Choosing a holiday destination

The main advantages of the Ruspass website new version are an improved interface and easy navigation. Special cards located on the main page will help you to choose your holiday destination (region). They display the most popular holiday destinations within the country, according to the Ruspass service statistics. At the moment, this is Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Crimea as well. The card on the far right gives you the opportunity to search for other regions. In addition, you can choose where to go, as well as find events, museums, restaurants and other offers using the search box. It is located at the top of the main page.

An interactive map of Russia will also help to determine the route. Popular natural and cultural attractions of each region of the country are mapped. For the users convenience, the map is placed separately, you can find it at the bottom of the main page.

Picking up an interesting tour and booking a table in a restaurant

In the updated version, all travel offers of the Russpass service are divided into four large categories: ‘Places and Events’, ‘Routes and Excursions’, ‘Restaurants and Cafes’, ‘Tours’. They provide brief descriptions of sightseeing attractions, excursions, routes, information about the cost of tickets to museums and exhibition centers, the average bill in restaurants and cafes, and other useful information. Here you can also see photos of individual locations and detailed maps.

And in order to find suitable offers even faster, you should use special filters. For example, in the ‘Routes and Excursions’ category, set the desired ticket price, select the subject (historical, sightseeing, night excursions, etc.), specify the type of event (for example, an individual tour accompanied by a guide). In the ‘Places and Events’ category, it is possible to select data according to your interests — mark for displaying only museums, theaters, concerts or entertainment for children. In total, about two dozen filters are available in this category. Thematic blocks are easy to find, they are placed in the center of the main page of the site.

Adding to Favorites and purchasing tickets in one click

Now it is convenient to add your favorite tours, excursions, restaurants and attractions to your favorites. In order to view the saved content, you will need to click on the Menu button (at the top of the main page) and select Favorites in the pop-up window.

On the pages of some attractions, it is easy to buy tickets to a museum, theater or concert in almost one click, and to book a table on the pages of restaurants and cafes. Tickets to museums, exhibition halls, and restaurant reservations purchased on the Ruspass website are saved in the user's personal account. In addition, they come to the email address specified during registration in Russpass. To log into your personal account, you need to select the ‘Profile’ item in the menu.

Additional functions, such as booking hotels and buying air and train tickets, are placed in a separate ‘Services’ section. You can find it at the top of the main page.

Another useful novelty will facilitate the work of companies with the service. Previously, in order to start cooperation with Russpass, it was necessary to fill out a large online questionnaire on the service's website. Now it is enough to go to the ‘Become a Partner’ section and specify only the TIN in the column that appears.

Mobile Russpass

The free Russpass mobile app for iOS and Android can be downloaded to your smartphone. It has the same functionality and set of options as on the service's website. The information is available in three languages: Russian, English and Spanish. The application presents four categories: ‘Home’, ‘Services’, ‘Favorites’ and ‘Profile’. There are icons in the menu to go to the interactive map and search.

All tourist offers (attractions, tours, excursions, restaurants and cafes) are on the main page. It is easy to buy air and train tickets and book a hotel in the ‘Services’ category. All the events and places you like will be saved in the ‘Favorites’ section. It is planned that soon users will be able to view information on this page even when the Internet is turned off. In the meantime, it is only available when the network is running.

In the ‘Profile’ category, it is possible to sign in and log in to your account. In the future, tickets to museums and exhibition halls purchased on Ruspass will be displayed there, as well as reservations for tables in restaurants. Thanks to the gadget, it is most convenient to present them when passing control.

Russpass was developed on the initiative of the Moscow Government. The implementation of the project is supervised by the Moscow Committee for Tourism together with the Moscow Department of Information Technology.


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