Tonnes of tangerines: Volunteers help city residents during festive season

January 13
Social sector

The city was the venue for the New Year Volunteers event during the latest holiday season.#Мы Вместе (We are Together) that involved about 3,000 people, including city residents who joined the team for the festivities.

Voluntary helpers carried out over 10,000 good deeds in just eight days. They distributed food as well as medicine, and also greeted children and medical workers during the holidays. The volunteers delivered 90 litres of water, 246 kg of vegetables, 169 kg of fruit, 166 kg of meat and poultry and 780 eggs. To support local residents and to provide them with all essentials, the participants either walked 3.096 million steps or drove 1,920 km in their cars.

The helpers tried to create a festive atmosphere for those who were homebound. People were showered with poems being recited and New Year greetings. The volunteers got together pretty boxes full of presents  and inserted postcards with season’s greetings. On 2 January, when the event got underway  people who had volunteered like Nadezhda Golub and Alexei Petrov wore red hats and posed as Father Frost’s assistants while entertaining those not so lucky to be able to leave their homes.

“One of our beneficiaries was over the moon  to see us dressed like this, we made her laugh and helped to improve her mood. We also received telephone calls and emails from our fall-time people we’d given a helping hand to who wished us a Happy appy New Year. We tried to carry out as many good deeds as possible during the festive holidays,” said a volunteer Nadezhda. 

Event participants wished a Happy New Year to children. Volunteers dressed up as Father Frost and Snow Maiden used a special online platform to ask riddles and also played  children’s songs and verses. They visited families with youngsters and presented  them with sweets and toys.

Volunteers also helped send greetings  to doctors. They delivered 47,000 present sets  and 15 tonnes of tangerines from event partners, namely, NGOs, charities, public organisations, small and medium-sized businesses  to the workers at 141 medical clinics.

The New Year Volunteers event involved many recruits. After registering, such people studied remotely and attended in person health and safety courses at the headquarters of the Moscow Volunteer flagship centre. They took all the necessary precautions while fulfilling their work and always wore face masks and gloves and used sanitisers.

For more information about volunteers, related events and the joy of giving, go to the Moscow Volunteer official website and the centre’s VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook social media network accounts.

Participation in #Мы Вместе events

Any interested citizen aged 18-49 can take part in #Мы Вместе events by going to the мывместе.мосволонтер.рф official website. Once there, they just have to click on the Become a Volunteer section and choose delivery options, including essential food and medicine for senior citizens and those homebound.

All volunteers must undergo preliminary remote training and also attend in person courses at the #Мы Вместе headquarters, part of the Moscow Volunteer flagship centre at 9 Tverskaya Street.

Volunteers learn about work protocols, how to protect themselves as well as other people and also are taught how to avoid mistakes while dealing with those  in need. They also undergo health and safety training and have their temperature taken before leaving on an assignment. All volunteers are issued with a badge, a face mask, gloves and sanitiser.


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