Tigers, titmice and fusing: Christmas tree decorations assortment of the “Journey to Christmas” festival

December 28, 2021

A large selection of New Year decorations and gifts is presented at the venues of the Travel to Christmas festival. Visitors can choose and buy Klin Christmas tree decorations familiar from childhood, glass balls and bells, original decorations with Uzbek ornaments, as well as wooden toys and souvenirs made of cotton wool or felted wool.

Christmas balls, symbol of the year and bells

Glass balls are considered to be the oldest Christmas tree decorations. They first appeared in the territory of modern Germany. Their shape resembled an apple. The first toys of this kind in Russia were quite expensive: 10 balls brought from abroad cost 200 rubles, which was equal to the price of a small house. Today, every family has a collection of Christmas balls, and Muscovites traditionally buy these Christmas decorations on the eve of the holiday.

One can find Christmas balls depicting a tiger, a symbol of the upcoming 2022 year in the venues of the Journey to Christmas festival. Decorations can be purchased at the intersection of Yurovskaya and Sokolovo-Meshcherskaya streets and at Mitinskaya street. In Koptevsky Boulevard unique button-shaped handmade wooden toys are sold.

On Tverskaya Square one can buy designer glass Christmas balls. They are filled with original compositions from dried flowers collected in different parts of the world.

Bells are equally important long lasting symbols of the New Year and Christmas. Some believe that their ringing scares away evil spirits, while others consider them miniature versions of large bells in temples. One can choose bells in the boulevard ofDmitry Donskoy and in the venue in Teply Stan. They also sell designer hand-painted wooden toys here.

Uzbek ornaments, Klin toys and spruce branches compositions

On Slavy Square and Profsoyuznaya Street one can find Christmas tree decorations with Uzbek ornamentation. Also, in Profsoyuznaya Street the VDNKh glass workshop original decorations are offered. Stylish white and red rocking horses and titmice with transparent yellow bellies are on sale too. And on the Slavy Square one can find the Klin toys. History of the toy industry in this city goes over 170 years back.

In Svyatoozerskaya Street, guests of the festival will find toys made using the fusing technique -— colored pieces of glass are heated and baked together, forming whimsical combinations and unexpected shapes.

Handmade glass toys can be viewed and purchased in Zelenograd at the festival venue, located in the boulevard zone of the 16th microdistrict.

Spruce branches compositions are gaining popularity. These decorations can be found in the public garden near Golyanovskiy pond or in Gorodetskaya Street. The compositions are most diverse in nature and style: simple and with bright toys, classic and original. And in Veshnyakovskaya and Admiral Rudnev Streets one can buy tasty gifts.

In Matveevskaya Street, designer cotton toys and Christmas decoupage decoration are presented (cut out decorations are glued to the surface and then varnished). In Kluchevaya Street, visitors can see hand-made toys using the dry felting technique, popular in recent years. These tangerines are almost indistinguishable from real ones!

All events of the Travel to Christmas Festival are organized in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards. Social distancing and mask wearing is required when visiting sites.

For more information regarding full program of the Journey to Christmas festival please visit the website Moscow Seasons

Journey to Christmas is the largest winter festival in Europe and the most popular holiday in the Moscow Seasons. This year it takes place at 27 sites from December 10 to January 9. 18 free skating rinks, a curling area, as well as points of sale of ready-made meals and souvenirs are opened for visitors. The previous festival was held from December 13, 2019 to January 31, 2020 at 81 venues in the city centre, residential areas and parks. They were visited by more than 26 million Muscovites and tourists.

Source: mos.ru

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