There have three new features appeared in the Russpass travel service

March 5
Tourism and travels

Three new functions have become available to Russpass travel service users. Among them are the authorization via social networks and the ability to plan complex routes by buying tickets for several transport modes at once. This information was provided by Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

“First, there is an option for composing route combinations. That is, tourists can plan complex routes using several transport modes and buy plane, train and bus tickets at a single location. The second new function is an interactive map of Russia with sights, museums, theaters and restaurants. It will allow studying clearly the travel content of Moscow and other cities of the country. The third update is the authorization on Russpass via social networks and popular online services,” she said.

Thanks to the ability to create complex routes on Russpass, users need no visiting several different resources to find and book tickets for each stage of the trip. The service will do it for them. It will offer the optimal route and transport mode, taking tourist’s wishes into account.

An interactive map will help travelers choose the most interesting sites and add them to the planned route. And authorization via the largest domestic and foreign social networks and online services will make Russpass more convenient both for users from the regions outside Moscow and for visitors from other countries. Tourists will be able to log in via their accounts on VKontakte, Facebook, Gmail, Yandex.Mail, or through their account.

According to Natalia Sergunina, using online tools in everyday life is a modern trend that is beginning to prevail in tourism either: people are more willing to choose tickets, hotels and excursions online. That is why Moscow, with other regions of Russia, is developing the Russpass service. This will allow attracting new tourists and confidently compete for the tourist flow when restrictions on international travel will be lifted in the world.

The Russpass digital travel service helps planning the trip around Russia quickly and easily. By using it, you can create your own travel itinerary in Moscow and other cities, buy plane, train or bus tickets, as well as excursions, museums and theater tickets.

The service was created at the initiative of the Moscow Government and has been operating since the summer of 2020. During this time, more than 700 thousand users have turned to its services. Travelers have access to over 1.2 thousand offers, including tours and other users’ routes. In total, Russpass currently has more than 300 partners, including about 100 tour operators in Moscow and other cities.

Almost all regions of Russia - 82 constituent entities of the Russian Federation - have already signed cooperation agreements with the service.

The project implementation is supervised by the city Committee for tourism in conjunction with the Department of Information Technologies.


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