Theatres and cinemas to reopen in July

June 17
Municipal services

According Sergei Sobyanin, in July Moscow plans to reopen theatres and cinemas. This is part of a later stage of lifting the restrictions. The Mayor was speaking on Russia-1 television’s show, Week in the City.

All in all, it will take about a couple of months for everything to return back to normal. As of 16 June, it will be business as usual for dental clinics, real estate firms, rental services plus legal advice, accounting, management consultancy, advertising and market research companies. Summer cafes at permanent catering facilities will also start working again. Visits to exhibitions and museums using e-tickets will be permitted as well as libraries but by appointment only.

Health and fitness clubs, swimming pools, spa facilities, solariums, and saunas are expected to start opening on 23 June. Restaurants, cafes, snack and other bars will start functioning too. From this date no appointments will be required for visits to libraries.

“All subsequent decisions will depend on how the situation stands. If it deteriorates we will then have to postpone certain stages, but if things remain stable, bit by bit we will permit more and more places to return back to normal,” specified Sergei Sobyanin.

Moscow has gradually been lifting the restrictions: industrial and building companies as well as government services centres already resumed working again on 12 May. Non-food shops, dry-cleaner’s, shoe-repair facilities and many other consumer services reopened just a little later.

As of 9 June digital passes were no longer required and outdoor walks and sports were permitted. Barbers, beauty salons, veterinary clinics and job centres got down to business again.

It is still absolutely mandatory to wear masks or respirators in public areas. Doctors are also asking people to wear gloves when visiting shops and shopping centres as well as on public transport and in taxis. Social distancing should be observed at all times.


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