Theatre show or film: Moscow continues to lift restrictions

July 9
City administration

Moscow continues to lift coronavirus-related restrictions, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

Цитата “Of course, each stage of restriction lifting could be risky and unpredictable. But life has shown that the situation remains under control and the risk is worth it. There have been no new outbreaks of COVID-19,” the Moscow mayor said.

Since May, the number of new cases of COVID-19 has decreased more than 10.7 times in Moscow. On 6 May, doctors registered 6,703 patients and on 6 July, 629. The number of beds occupied by coronavirus patients has also dropped. On 6 May, there were 19,298 patients in city hospitals against 4,934 on 6 July, or 3.9 times fewer than two months ago. The number of patients with coronavirus pneumonia also continues to decrease, with a fall of 17.3 percent (from 334 to 276 daily on the average). On Sunday 5 July fewer than 100 people were diagnosed with it.

Over the last week alone (29 June – 5 July) the average number of new cases has dropped another 20 percent: from 834 to 670 daily (compared with the week between 22 and 28 June).

“Due to the fall in the number of new cases, we have managed to return almost 15,000 beds, which were used to treat COVID-19, to the rest of the healthcare system, with 3,000 beds returned last week,” Sergei Sobyanin noted.

The improving epidemiological conditions allow the continued lifting of restrictions in Moscow.

“As in June, we are announcing the plans to ‘open’ the city a month in advance (starting from 13 July to 1 August). However, in the event that the epidemiological situation deteriorates, the reopening of some sites could be postponed,” the mayor added.

For example, educational institutions in the city will open on 13 July. Students will be able to go to universities and take entrance or graduation exams personally. The choice will depend on the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the management of the educational institution. Face-to-face classes for children and adults at sports, musical and art schools and other courses will also reopen.

Schools and colleges will resume their usual work. The Unified State Exam will be held at schools until the beginning of August. The new academic year is scheduled to begin on 1 September.

Amusements, clubs and discos will also reopen and parties can be held. However, all open-air public events will remain prohibited, because in such situations, it is impossible to ensure social distancing. The number of visitors at any venue must not exceed 50 percent of its maximum capacity.

Children’s camps and entertainment centres will also resume their work (with the same limits on capacity: no more than 50 percent). All the restrictions on businesses, services to people and other types of activities, with the exception of sanitary requirements, are also being lifted. Moscow employers can decide whether to ask employees to return to the office or allow them to continue to work remotely.

From 1 August, cinemas, concert halls and theatres with their capacities of no more than 3.000 seats will open to visitors. The venues where the performances, films and concerts take place are not allowed to exceed 50 percent of their maximum capacity. The same will apply to sporting events, meaning an increase on the 10 percent of full capacity which is currently allowed in the stands. The Moscow Longevity clubs and sections will also resume their classes. However, they will only be held outdoors for now.

The mandatory requirement to wear masks outdoors will be lifted. However, it is still necessary to wear masks and gloves on public transport, in medical institutions, shops and other public places. Social distancing must also be maintained.

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