The World's 50 Best Restaurants: the best restaurants in the world will be announced in Moscow

December 3, 2021
Economy and entrepreneurship

In the summer of 2022, Moscow will host for the first time the presentation of the prestigious international rating of the gastronomic industry The World's 50 Best Restaurants. For many years, the final ceremony venue was London, then it was hosted in New York, Melbourne, Singapore and other megacities.

"Next July, the 50 best restaurants in the world will be presented in Moscow. We are glad to host this event. Our city is modern, open and hospitable. It is attractive both from the point of view of its cultural and historical heritage, and the quality of infrastructure, technological advancement. And two major professional events at once — the upcoming ceremony and the recent presentation of the Michelin guide once again emphasize that Moscow is rightfully among the international gastronomic centers," Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor in the Moscow Government, said.

A five-day thematic program for professionals and fans of high-class cuisine will be timed to the presentation of the best restaurants in the world rating. Meetings, workshops and lectures are scheduled from July 16 to 20.

"It is expected that more than two thousand professionals, gastronomic reviewers, experts will visit the capital. Among them will be chefs whose restaurants will be included in the list of the top 50. These are the world stars in the field of gastronomy. Together with them, Moscow will be in the center of international attention," Natalia Sergunina added.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants has been existing around for almost 20 years and serves as a reference point for millions of gourmets. The rating is based on a survey of more than a thousand chefs, culinary reviewers, restaurateurs from different countries.

Traditionally, it includes places where you can get unique gastronomic impressions and get acquainted with world culinary trends. Absolutely any cafe, restaurant and so on can get into it. It doesn't matter where it is or how big it is. The jury has the right to note even a local author's cafe, if it really stands out for its cuisine. Among the capital's establishments in the current version of the top 50, two restaurants were mentioned at once.

"In 2022, guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with excellent restaurants, the cultural and historical heritage of Moscow, highly developed infrastructure, interesting and dynamically developing gastronomic life of the Russian capital. The restaurant industry in Moscow has been confidently asserting itself in recent years. Therefore, it was absolutely obvious to choose this city as the venue for The World's 50 Best Restaurants ceremony," said Tim Brooke-Webb, managing director of The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

Michelin Restaurant Guide

The Michelin gastronomic guide through the capital of Russia was presented in October 2021. Moscow became the first city in the CIS whose restaurants were noted in the famous guidebook. In total, 69 establishments of the city are mentioned in it. The international director of the Michelin Guide, Gwendal Pullenek, speaking at the presentation, noted that Moscow could become an international gastronomic hub in the future.

"Without any doubt, in the future Moscow will step by step become not just a new direction of gastronomic tourism — it will become a real world culinary hub. I think Moscow has potential, it has every chance to bring its vision to today's international landscape of gastronomy," Gwendal Pullenek said.

The Michelin Guide is the most famous and influential among the gastronomic guides in the world. It has been issuing since 1900. The mere mentioning a restaurant in it, even without awarding a star, is a recognition of the chef's skill. The rating process is strictly confidential. Experts travel anonymously and make a detailed report on each establishment. Based on it, an assessment is carried out at the main office in Paris.

The World of Moscow gastronomy

Today there are more than 15 thousand food establishments in the capital. In recent years, their number has increased 2.5 times. For comparison: in 2009 there were less than six thousand of them. With the support of the Moscow Government, the number of cozy seasonal cafes has also increased significantly, without which it is already difficult to imagine the city in spring and summer.

Gastronomic quarters are developing — spaces with many cafes and restaurants. They are, for example, Kamergersky Lane, Pyatnitskaya, Trubnaya and Bolshaya Nikitskaya Streets, as well as Kuznetsky Most, Sretenka and Bolshaya Dmitrovka. Muscovites and tourists are also attracted by modern gastronomic clusters, such as Depot.

Moscow markets are being transformed into regional centers of gastronomy. You can buy fresh farm products and delicacies, have a snack on convenient food courts and even participate in cooking classes or tastings.

There are already more than 30 updated markets and food clusters in the capital. Here, popular network formats are side by side with small eateries and gastronomic start-ups. Visitors can try both well-known culinary hits and interesting novelties.



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