The winners of the international contest ‘Renovation Image’ announcement

June 15
Construction and renovation

The winners of the Renovation Image international contest in the field of the architectural solutions concepts development for houses being under the renovation program in Moscow have been announced. They were 39 teams, including Russian and foreign architectural bureaus. Of the 92 concepts developed by the contest participants, 52 were recognized as the best.

"One of the key principles of the renovation program is the creation of neighborhoods unique in their image. We are trying to create an individual architectural style by which residents will be able to identify their area, so it was decided to hold an architectural contest. We received from the participants a lot of high-quality and interesting concepts that will help to make the neighborhoods special," Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Moscow Mayor Moscow for Urban Planning Policy and Construction, said.

The contest jury consisted of 32 experts. Among them there are representatives of architectural schools, heads of large design organizations, representatives of the public and the authorities.

"Despite the complexity of the task, most of the contestants coped with it in great style. The city has received a rich library of visual techniques, as a result of which the renovation neighborhoods will acquire architectural individuality, integrity, and their own unique face," Sergey Kuznetsov, the Moscow Chief architect, said.

He noted that the level of competitive works was different.

"This is normal for a competition of this level and scale. In general, the result is what you need. After all, thanks to the ‘Renovation Image’ contest, we have the opportunity to choose the best from a variety of options," the Moscow Chief architect said.

When choosing the winners, the jury evaluated the individuality and architectural quality of the proposals, as well as the actual ability to implement the concept with the least amount of changes.

The experts evaluated each concept according to such criteria as originality, variety of facade solutions, their focus on the formation of the identity of the city environment, inclusion in the urban context, as well as the stability of project proposals to adaptation to different construction technologies, the ability to scale the project proposal and the financial effectiveness of the project.

"With the help of the renovation program, we will provide people with new comfortable housing, as well as improve the quality of the Moscow citywide environment. The benefits of the program will be felt not only by its participants, but also by people living nearby," Sergey Kuznetsov added.

The contest was initiated by Moskomarchitektura and organized by the General Plan of Moscow Institute. Its goal is to create a high-quality urban environment and create an attractive image of residential development in the capital.

You can get acquainted with the winners’ concept here.


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