The Vorontsovo estate will be restored

July 31
Construction and renovation

The complex of buildings and structures that are located at the entrance to the Vorontsovo estate will be restored. Valery Leonov, Chairman of the Moskomexpertiza, told about the approving the restoration project of the watch-boxes, entrance gates and the bridge.

"The project provides not only for the restoration of cultural heritage sites, but also for the improvement of the territory of the Vorontsovo estate. A path made of granite slabs will be laid here, a recreation area with hardscaping will be equipped, new cobblestones, lawns and lighting will be replaced, perimeter pavement will be repaired, " Valery Leonov said.

In addition, on the northern and southern gatehouses, the specialists of Moskomexpertiza will replace the roof and storm water pipes, install tin chimney bonnets over the existing chimneys. They will clean the surfaces of facades made of brick, white stone and white stone details, carry out restoration work, restore the seams of brickwork, paint them and treat the surface with a composition with water repellence properties.

They will also restore the entrance doorways, restore the historical design of the lintels with a bow top and a horizontal bottom. In addition, the gatehouses walls, ceilings, floors will be renewed, the attic floors will be insulated and repaired, new doors and windows that correspond to the style of the buildings will be installed.

"It is planned to accommodate park employees and security services in one of the gatehouses, and a tour desk and a bookstore will be located in the other one, where visitors with restricted mobility will also be able to get there," Valery Leonov added.

The curved stone fence with a gate and fence doors, metal elements of their flaps will be repaired, the brickwork of the arch, pillars and walls will be renewed.

On the entrance stone bridge over the decorative moat, the surface of white stone, including parapets and pillars, will be cleared, metal chains of fences will be renewed and painted. Specialists will repair the arch of the bridge, restore the lost traditional stone paving and partially lay a flat surface for the convenience of people with restricted mobility.

In addition, as part of the work on the preservation of cultural heritage sites, it is planned to carry out work on the modernization of utility systems.

"Vorontsovsky Park is a favorite holiday destination for many Muscovites. And of course, the attention of citizens is primarily attracted by the beautiful architectural monuments that are part of the ensemble of the estate. Now a large-scale restoration is underway here. Our department has agreed on the projects of future works that will allow us to put the historical estate in order. In addition, we will monitor the entire restoration process," Alexey Yemelyanov, Head of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage, said.

The Vorontsovo Estate is a unique monument of landscape art and architecture of the 16th century, protected by the state. Its area is more than 40 hectares, on the territory there are former


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