The unique furniture of the chemical laboratory of the Polytechnic Museum has been restored

March 11

The scientific restoration of the main part of the furniture, which is part of the Historical Chemical Laboratory of the Polytechnic Museum, has been completed. Immediately after the opening of the museum, research was carried out in the chemical laboratory, including for the industry and defense tasks of the country. And since the 1930s, open chemistry lessons for schoolchildren and all comers have been held there.

 “The chemical laboratory - is one of the most famous areas of the Polytechnic Museum. Preserving its unique historical appearance was an important and difficult task that the restorers were facing. All the main large-sized pieces of furniture were subject to restoration: the chair of the XIX century, furniture for placing chemicals and devices. Now the specialists are working at the electrified Mendeleev`s periodic table of 1957 which does not contain chemical elements that have been discovered since that time. The restoration of a wood-burning stove with glass hoods is ahead,” - said Alexei Yemelyanov, the head of the Cultural Heritage Department.

The Historical Chemical Laboratory of the Polytechnic Museum is of great value. The laboratory was operating from the commissioning of the left wing of the Moscow Polytechnic Museum in 1906–1907 until the start of restoration work in the museum in 2013. Eminent scientists and popularizers of science spoke in the laboratory.

All work was carried out in accordance with the agreed scientific and project documentation. First, the restoration workshops labeled pieces of furniture and took them apart. All lost and damaged elements were recreated, glass cabinets were restored, wood surfaces were painted.

Alexei Emelyanov noted that there are few such places with preserved natural-scientific research equipment of the late ХIX - early XX centuries both in Russia and in the world.

In the first years of the museum's operation, the laboratory's research equipment was used, among other things, for industrial and defense purposes. Then the main task was to organize mass educational work with visitors. The laboratory was expanded to include two rooms. The room with the stove was converted into a lecture hall. They also erected a podium and installed a lecturing desk. In 1957, an electrified stand “Periodic table of elements of D.I. Mendeleev" with a remote control appeared in the lecture hall. A visual aid, unique for its time, was made in a single copy by the master of the art-production workshop of the All-Union Society for the Dissemination of Political and Scientific Knowledge.

The complex of buildings of the Moscow Polytechnic Museum (Novaya Ploschad, 3/4) is a cultural heritage site of regional and federal importance. The construction of the Polytechnic Museum began at the end of the XIX century and was completed at the beginning of the XX century. The appearance of the building reflected different styles of Russian architecture at the turn of the epochs. Since 2013, large-scale restoration and improvement works have been carried out in the museum and on its territory.


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