The trend for naturalness: new opportunities for Moscow exporters

May 13
Economy and entrepreneurship

More and more people around the world are switching to healthy nutrition, taking care of reinforcing the immune system, using vitamins, probiotics and fiber. Many Moscow companies support this trend and produce healthy and natural food, including for export. We would like to tell you about the main directions of the Moscow healthy food export.

New habits — new food

For a modern person, it is important to go in for sport, change eating habits, sort garbage, reduce the use of plastic and other non-degradable materials, and take care of water and electricity. The reality requires new approaches in various areas — industry, transport, and urban infrastructure. Today, Moscow has more than three thousand industrial enterprises, many of which are engaged in the production of eco-friendly products - from smart garbage chutes to dietary supplements and healthy bars.

One of the most important phenomena of recent years is a healthy nutrition. It involves a balanced use of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as a reduction in the saturated fats and trans fats, sugar and salt use. It is also important to increase the presence of fruits, vegetables and other sources of fiber in the ration. Today, people are increasingly frequently thinking about the quality of food, the amount of necessary components and vitamins in them. Therefore, healthy food companies appear on the market, and existing enterprises increasingly frequently include products for a healthy lifestyle in their assortment that are in demand not only in Russia, but also abroad.

"According to the analytical data of the Mosprom export support and development center, Moscow accounts for 12 percent of all-Russian exports of healthy food in the amount of $154.21 million, or 183.54 thousand tons. Compared to 2019, Moscow increased exports by 13.5 percent in monetary terms and 40.9 percent in physical terms," the Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov said.

Last year, Moscow's healthy nutrition products were exported to 81 countries. The most health foods were exported to Belarus ($31.69 million), Kazakhstan ($28.75 million), Turkey ($18.87 million), Azerbaijan ($7.22 million) and Uzbekistan ($6.93 million).

"The most popular products of Moscow companies in foreign markets were nutritionals, muesli, ready-made nut mixes and fruit juices, as well as wheat bran," the Head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow Alexander Prokhorov said.

Nutritionals and healthy breakfasts

Most of all in the structure of the capital's exports are nutritionals including biologically active additive (BAA). They were the leaders of the goods top list in terms of scope of delivery to foreign markets.

"Over the past two years, the export rate of the capital's nutritionals has been increasing. In 2020 alone, it grew by 14.5 percent in monetary terms and 14.4 percent in physical terms. Last year, most of these products were purchased by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Latvia. The product geography covers 68 countries, including Germany, Korea, Cambodia and Australia," Natalia Shuvalova, General Director of the Mosprom Center, said.

Another popular category of products is muesli, granola and other products for making healthy breakfasts. There are many options: everyone can choose granola or muesli according to taste — with chocolate, berries or low-calorie. Healthy breakfast foods are actively bought all over the world, so they are of interest for export.

The capital's enterprises exported 4.27 thousand tons of such food to 35 countries. The first positions in terms of imports from Moscow were taken by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and China.

These countries remain promising markets for Moscow enterprises in this category of goods. In addition, experts note the high potential for sales of products among the countries of the European region, such as Germany, Great Britain and Serbia.

Thus, the trend for naturalness is supported by many countries. The commodity structure of the capital's exports is actively expanding, and bran, muesli and nutritionals are already in high demand. The geographical structure of Moscow's healthy food exports is also becoming more varied. Promising regions are Mongolia, India, Morocco, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Export support

The Moscow authorities actively support industrial companies that invest in the development of production facilities in the city. They receive both financial support in the form of various subsidies and loans, and non-financial support — special statuses that reduce the tax burden, and more.

Manufacturers who not only provide Moscow with their products but also supply them abroad, are also provided with support. For this purpose, the Mosprom center operates in the city. Its experts analyze the target markets for the capital's manufacturers and determine the most effective strategy for the manufacturer's entry into foreign markets.

In addition, Moscow companies are helped to find contractors and negotiate with potential buyers abroad for free. The Mosprom center also ensures the participation of Moscow companies in international exhibitions and business missions.


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