The return of Art Nouveau: The facades of a revenue house in Voznesensky Pereulok renovated

December 17, 2020

Experts have finished the renovation of the facades of a 1908 revenue house in Voznesensky Pereulok. Protective banners and scaffolding have been removed from the building, an example of the late Art Nouveau style. In 2015, a fire broke out in the building. The renovation of the façades is part of a major project to preserve the landmark.

“Fortunately, the late Art Nouveau facades and elements of the interior design are well preserved. To bring the building back to its original magnificent appearance, complex and painstaking work has been carried out. The renovation has been completed, the scaffolding removed and people can now enjoy the intricately decorated historical landmark,” said Alexei Yemelyanov, Head of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage.

Experts have cleaned the walls, reinforced the brickwork, restored and recreated the lost details of subway tile. In addition, they have renovated moulded décor and cornices. The walls have been plastered and painted. New window units were installed and the drainage system repaired. The restorers reinforced the entire structure of the building, replaced utility lines and repaired the roof.

At the moment, the renovation of Mettlach tiles on the stairwells is being completed, as well as the restoration of dolomite steps, metal railings and wooden handrails and mouldings. Plans call for the work to be completed during 2021.

The main façade features two avant-corps with parade stairs and entrances that divide the building into three sections. The décor of the main façade combines the smoothly plastered walls of the first storey, with the moulded décor of the stairwell risalits and the glazed tiles on the second, third and fourth storeys. The windows of the first storey are decorated with large keystones. Horizontal panels with plant ornaments are placed above the window apertures of the second and third storeys.

It is noteworthy that the cornice of the third storey is adorned with a moulded frieze in the Neoclassical style featuring winged griffins and palm leaves.

Among the well preserved elements of décor are two grand stairwells with stone stairs and landings. The Mettlach tiles that adorn the staircases have been partially preserved, as have the semicircular wall niches and small windows of the flats that overlook the staircase.

According to Alexei Yemelyanov, the main renovation work has been carried out with great care.

This revenue house is a cultural landmark of regional importance. It was built in 1908 by architect Vasily Myasnikov (1861-1929). It was located within the city estate of the Sokolovs-Sibiryakovs family, in the centre of the city, encircled by Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street and the Leontyevsky, Yeliseyevsky and Voznesensky pereuloks. The four-storey rectangular building represents the late Art Nouveau style. It had not been renovated or restored in the 20th century. Large-scale renovation began only after the 2015 fire. The building now has its original historical look.

The preservation and restoration of architectural landmarks in Moscow is a key priority of the Department of Cultural Heritage. Over the past eight years, 1,500 cultural landmarks have been renovated in the city; 203 of the projects were carried out in 2019.


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