The most significant Moscow projects presented at the World Exhibition in Dubai

November 26, 2021
Interregional and international affairs

A large-scale exposition dedicated to Moscow was opened in the Russian pavilion as part of the World Universal Exhibition in Dubai. It presents the city key development programs, technological innovations and unique experience in a wide variety of areas — from culture and gastronomy to entrepreneurship and tourism. At the same time, the capital will present a cultural program where world famous performers will participate. It includes concerts, theatrical performances, film screenings, art projects and a gastronomic festival.

The planned events include performances by the famous Moscow Virtuosi orchestra that conquered the largest music venues across the world, the Helikon-Opera theater, a regular participant in prestigious international festivals, the Igor Butman orchestra, one of the best modern jazz orchestras that represented Russia in 2018 at All-Star Global Concert, the main global jazz event.

An important area for modern Moscow is creative industries. The city creates all the conditions for their development. It concerns infrastructural, financial, consulting and educational support, and assistance in promoting products, etc. The creative sector of the capital economy employs 1.1 million people. it is about 15 percent of all working Moscow residents. The first creative technopark, the Artplay design centre, has recently appeared in Moscow. Several more creative spaces are considered as future creative technology parks.

Leading Moscow designers will present the creative potential of the capital at the Expo — their fashion collections reflect the latest trends and are becoming increasingly popular in foreign markets. The Moscow Cinema Festival is also waiting for guests. It will show iconic Russian films of recent years,where the city is a fully-fledged hero of the story.

Another striking project is the Moscow Gastronomic Week festival. It will remind one of the recent Michelin guide presentation in the Russian capital. Moscow became the first city in the CIS, which restaurants were featured in the reputable gastronomic guide.

The Moscow exposition in Dubai will run for a month, until December 20. And cultural events will continue until the exhibition closes next March, said Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor. According to her, the versatile program will familiarize international guests with the modern vector of the Russian capital development and contribute to promotion of the city application to host Expo 2030.

“This spring Moscow submitted its application for hosting Expo-2030 to become the first city-contender. We have every chance to host the World Universal Exhibition. We have both the experience and resources to hold such a large-scale event at the proper level. The program in Dubai is a kind of presentation of modern Moscow opportunities and multi-vector development, it emphasizes our competitive advantages. By the way, let me remind you that Russia has never hosted the World Exhibition, although it participated since the very first time in 1851 when the Exhibition took place in London,” Natalia Sergunina said.

The World Universal Exhibition is the largest international exhibition that brings together achievements in the field of science, technology, architecture and art. It is held every five years and is open to public for six months. For example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the National Palace in Barcelona become the legacy of such exhibitions.

Traditionally, this event gathers more than 100 participating countries and millions of visitors from all over the world, so the investment in its organization is justified in full. And besides, additional jobs are created even at the stage of preparation for the Expo.

The Expo 2030 host will be announced in June 2023. Rome, Odessa, Busan and Riyadh apply for the exhibition beside Moscow.

“Holding an event of this scale and level by the capital will have a positive effect on the development of international business cooperation, infrastructure, culture and tourism, attracting investment,” head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, Alexei Fursin added.

Over 500 thousand people visited the Russian pavilion for a month and a half since opening of the World Exhibition. It is expected that the expositions at Expo 2020 will be see more than 25 million guests for six months. This is comparable to the annual tourist traffic in Moscow before the pandemic.

The topic of Moscow application for holding Expo-2030 is “Progress of mankind. A shared vision of the harmonious world”. The leading positions of the Russian capital in terms of digitalization and development of modern technologies meet the stated topic in the best way possible. The city is home to more than 130,000 technology companies and is perfect for demonstrating scientific and technological advances in a wide variety of fields.

In recent years, Moscow built a powerful ecosystem for innovators. It includes technoparks with infrastructure, educational and acceleration programs, sectorial competitions, and a pilot innovation testing program. The Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC) combined all the main elements of the ecosystem. Among its participants and partners are more than 30 thousand organizations from Moscow and 80 regions of Russia. Within the MIC framework, 11 intersectoral clusters specializing in developments of artificial intelligence, medicines, motor sports and other fields are operating.

Moscow can also offer guests and countries participating in Expo-2030 a unique cultural, educational and event program. In addition to technological leadership, the capital of Russia is also a centre of historical heritage. There are over 10 thousand historical monuments in Moscow — more than in Rome. The city ranks second in the world for the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

There are hundreds of theaters, museums and galleries in Moscow. Before the pandemic, about 270 cultural events a day were held in the capital. More than 1.5 thousand exhibitions alone were held in 2019.

A unified tourism ecosystem was created and is actively developing in the Russian capital, an important part of which is the Russpass digital travel service. Its operation started in July 2020. Since then, all regions of Russia joined it. Using the service, one can plan an individual route, purchase ready-made tours, plane, train or museum tickets, and book a table in a restaurant. The project website has an interactive map with information about the main sights. In early October 2021, the service mobile application was launched. It is available in three languages: Russian, English and Spanish.

Especially for Expo 2020 in Dubai, authors of stands at international forums and expositions in the Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Hermitage made a bas-relief with the iconic buildings of the capital. In addition, original video art and musical accompaniment was created — visitors to the pavilion will find out both what the Russian capital is indeed and what it is proud of, and how it sounds too. For example, the Kremlin chimes, the singing of birds, the noise of the metropolis could be heard.

The exhibition is designed according to the video art that creates the atmosphere of a constantly changing city. Visitors will also find a virtual trip “Flight over Moscow”, where one can see the capital at a height.


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