The Milky Way became decoration of the Vorontsovskaya metro station ceiling

September 22

Installation of a suspended 3D ceiling resembling the Milky Way has been finalized at the Vorontsovskaya metro station in the Big Circle Line (BCL).

”The ceiling has been assembled with round elements of 25 centimeters in diameter made of anodized polished aluminum. After electricity is connected, it will resemble the Milky Way,” said Andrey Bochkarev, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning Policy and Construction.

All in all, some 11,600 aluminum elements were used, and they were designed and arranged with the help of 3D modeling programs. The unusual design was inspired by the former name of the station, Kaluzhskaya, referring to the town of Kaluga. So, it was in Kaluga where a famous scientist and the founder of theoretical cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky lived and worked. However, the residents expressed their concern that two stations with the same name would lead to confusion, so the BCL station was given “Vorontsovskaya” name after a closely located park, and its design became a reference to the nearest Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line.

A reminder for passenger on the possibility to changing there to the Orange Line would be the station ticket office decorated with orange sinter cake. This material has been used for the first time for the construction of the metro: this artificial stone has high wear resistance due to the absence of voids and allows choosing any color in the course of its fabrication.

The lobby columns will be finished with gabbro-diabase, the walls, with pale gray marble, and the floor, with gray granite and black gabbro. The suspended ceiling in the lobby will be made of triangular honeycomb aluminum panels, between which profiles with lighting fixtures will be located.

The Vorontsovskaya station is about 27 meters below the surface level. It will have two entrance lobbies and a change to the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line.


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