The interior of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Church in Novaya Basmannaya Street will be restored to its historical appearance

July 16

The church of the beginning of the 18th century will be returned its former splendor. The Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow has agreed a restoration project in the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Church interiors. You can find the church at: Novaya Basmannaya Street, 11.

This church has the status of a cultural heritage site of federal importance. All the repair and restoration stages are under the control of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow.

"The second stage of a large- scale restoration of one of the unique landmark buildings - the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Church in Novaya Basmannaya will soon begin. Restorers will have to restore the historical appearance of the church interior and its bell tower. In the upper church, where services have not been held for a long time, the iconostasis and icon cases will be restored. Specialists will pay special attention to the multi-method restoration of mural painting. The craftsmen will also restore the stucco molding in the decoration of the church and the cast-iron staircase," Alexey Yemelyanov, Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow, said.

In addition, the specialists will have to restore the stone floors of the church and restore the fence on its territory.

During the first stage of repair and restoration work, which took place in 2020, the white-stone basement and the church portal on facade (from the side of Novaya Basmannaya Street) were put in order. For a long time, the portal was hidden under layers of plaster. In addition, specialists restored the white stone decoration of the bell tower, and coated the crosses with gild as well.

The Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Church in the Moscow Baroque style were built from 1705 to 1719. There is a legend that Emperor Peter I personally participated in the creation of drawings of the building. In May 1737, the church suffered from a fire: the railing, platform and stairs on the bell tower burned down, and the wooden fence as well. The church was restored, and by the middle of the 18th century, an architectural complex consisting of a church and a bell tower crowned with crosses was formed in the New Basmannaya Sloboda.

The church building suffered from dampness, and in the 1860s a demand arose for restoration work. They lasted for 12 years with the participation of architect Nikolai Kozlovsky and at the expense of a parishioner - merchant of the third guild Andrey Zalogin. The galleries surrounding the sanctuary were continued in the church, new facades were built that preserved the original style, two new chapels were built, stoves, window frames and the bell tower were repaired. As a result, the church got the appearance that can be seen in photographs of the second half of the 19th - first half of the 20th century.

After the revolution of 1917, the Moscow Spiritual Academy continued its work in the church under the name Podkolokolnaya Academy. Some Moscow priests wore the badge of a candidate of theology, which they received there. In 1921, the church was robbed. In 1935, it was closed, and the building was handed over to the Moscow regional police department for a quartermaster's stores. A wooden barrack of the Geodesy factory was built on the church territory, and in 1940 - a kindergarten.

In 1959, by the decision of the Moscow City Council, the church was handed over to the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Geophysical Exploration Methods. For this purpose, the upper Peter and Paul and lower St. Nicholas churches were divided into small offices for employees. The church was returned to the believers in 1992.

The preservation and restoration of landmark buildings in Moscow is the most important area of work of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow. Since 2011, more than 1600 cultural heritage sites have been restored in the city, of which over 100 - in 2020.


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